Foto del docente

Davide Aliffi

Adjunct professor

Department of Mathematics

Curriculum vitae

Born in Como, 23.10.1951

3.7.80 Degree in Psychology, University of Padova.

30.11.84 Degree in Mathematics, University of Bologna.

15.6.85 - 31.3.87  Working in the R&D lab of Marposs SPA, ad a software designer for real-time systems.

1.4.87 - 28.2.90 Working in the Enidata company, owned by ENI. Participation to the Esprit project n. 1227, SED, developement of
a software system for oil drilling. Participation to the ADIS project, in the development of a shared resources server.

1.3.90 - 24.8.90  R&D lab of Dida*el, in Milan, working in Object Lisp in distance-learning projects.

1.9.90 - 6.12.90 Working as a consultant in the development of an expert system in Prolog.

From 7.12.90 Assistant professor, Mathematics Department, Universisty of Bologna.
Research activity in Algorithmic Commutative Algebra (analytic spread and intersection theory), Unification for set terms (non well founded sets), Overdetermined system of non linear algebraic equations.

Since 1999 teaching a basic Mathematics course to Pharmacy students, and since 2005 teaching Cryptography to Mathematics students.