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Daniela Piana

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Settore scientifico disciplinare: SPS/04 SCIENZA POLITICA

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WISE Forum UNESCO UNODC - Teaching Best Practice to Promote the Culture of Lawfulness

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An understanding beyond words: dancing and acting the ideal city (inspiring the Lab framed into the DAR Master Program) 

Even if they may lack the words to articulate it, young people already understand the foundations of the RoL and a CoL, such as justice, equality and mutual respect. The Ideal City module, offers an innovative way for upper primary and secondary learners to understand they already have an intuitive notion of the RoL and a CoL. The module begins with learners working individually, and then collectively, to imagine an ideal city where they are in charge of creating its rules and laws for all its public and private spaces. Through discussion, negotiation and artistic expression (drama, music, dance, art) learners are empowered to assess their individual and collective ideas, design workable rules and be able to communicate them. The module is well suited for low-resource environments. In addition, when applied in a diverse classroom setting, it develops their ability to understand the challenges and added value of diversity.