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Cristian Torri

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Dipartimento di Chimica "Giacomo Ciamician"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: CHIM/01 CHIMICA ANALITICA


Cristian Torri;Daniele Fabbri;Laura Garcia-Alba;Derk Willem Frederik Brilman, Upgrading of oils derived from hydrothermal treatment of microalgae by catalytic cracking over H-ZSM-5: A comparative Py–GC–MS study, «JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED PYROLYSIS», 2013, 101, pp. 28 - 34 [articolo]

D.Fabbri; C.Torri; K.A.Spokas, Analytical pyrolysis of synthetic chars derived from biomass with potential agronomic application (biochar). Relationships with impacts on microbial carbon dioxide production, «JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED PYROLYSIS», 2012, 93, pp. 77 - 84 [articolo]

M. Cordella; C. Torri; A. Adamiano; D. Fabbri; F. Barontini; V. Cozzani, Bio-oils from biomass slow pyrolysis: a chemical and toxicological screening, «JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS», 2012, 231-232, pp. 26 - 35 [articolo]

C. Torri; L. Garcia Alba; C. Samorì; D. Fabbri; D.W. F. Brilman, Hydrothermal Treatment (HTT) of Microalgae: Detailed Molecular Characterization of HTT Oil in View of HTT Mechanism Elucidation, «ENERGY & FUELS», 2012, 26, pp. 658 - 671 [articolo]

L. Garcia Alba; C.Torri; C. Samorì; J. Van der Spek; D. Fabbri; S.R.A. Kersten; D.W. F. (Wim) Brilman, Hydrothermal Treatment (HTT) of Microalgae: Evaluation of the Process As Conversion Method in an Algae Biorefinery Concept, «ENERGY & FUELS», 2012, 26, pp. 642 - 657 [articolo]

C. Samorì ; C. Torri; D. Fabbri; G. Falini; C. Faraloni; P. Galletti; S. Spera; E. Tagliavini; G Torzillo, Unusual Catalysts from Molasses: Synthesis, Properties and Application in Obtaining Biofuels from Algae, «CHEMSUSCHEM», 2012, 5, pp. 1501 - 1512 [articolo]

A.Defant; I.Mancini; C.Torri; D.Malferrari; D.Fabbri, An efficient route towards a new branched tetrahydrofurane δ-sugar amino acid from a pyrolysis product of cellulose, «AMINO ACIDS», 2011, 40, pp. 633 - 640 [articolo]

Prati S.; Sciutto G.; Mazzeo R.; Torri C.; Fabbri D., Application of ATR-far-infrared spectroscopy to the analysis of natural resins, «ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2011, 399, pp. 3081 - 3091 [articolo]

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C.Torri; C.Samorì; A.Adamiano; D.Fabbri; C.Faraloni; G.Torzillo, Preliminary investigation on the production of fuels and bio-char from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii biomass residue after bio-hydrogen production, «BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY», 2011, 102, pp. 8707 - 8713 [articolo]

C.Torri; A.Adamiano; D.Fabbri; C.Lindfors; A.Monti; A.Oasmaa, Comparative analysis of pyrolysate from herbaceous and woody energy crops by Py-GC with atomic emission and mass spectrometric detection, «JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED PYROLYSIS», 2010, 88, pp. 175 - 180 [articolo]

C. Samorì; C. Torri; G. Samorì; D. Fabbri; P. Galletti; F. Guerrini; R. Pistocchi; E. Tagliavini, Extraction of hydrocarbons from microalga Botryococcus braunii with switchable solvents, «BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY», 2010, 101, pp. 3274 - 3279 [articolo]

D.Fabbri; A.Adamiano; C.Torri, GC-MS determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons evolved from pyrolysis of biomass, «ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2010, 397, pp. 309 - 317 [articolo]

C.Torri; M.Reinikainen; C.Lindfors; D.Fabbri; A.Oasmaa; E.Kuoppala, Investigation on catalytic pyrolysis of pine sawdust: Catalyst screening by Py-GC-MIP-AED, «JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED PYROLYSIS», 2010, 88, pp. 7 - 13 [articolo]

P.Dobrzynski; D.Fabbri; C.Torri; J.Kasperczyk; B.Kaczmarczyk; M.Pastusiak, A Novel Hydroxy Functionalized Polyester Obtained by Ring Opening Copolymerization of L-Lactide with a Pyrolysis Product of Cellulose, «JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE. PART A, POLYMER CHEMISTRY», 2009, 47, pp. 247 - 257 [articolo]

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