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Cristian Poliziani

Teaching tutor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ICAR/05 Transportation

Curriculum vitae

Cristian Poliziani, born in 1994 in the province of Arezzo, is at his third year of Ph.D in Transport Engineering at the Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering Department - DICAM - University of Bologna


AY 2018/19 - now Ph.D with scholarship in Civil, Environmental, Chemical and Materials Engineering (DICAM) - University of Bologna (BO)

AY 2018/19 - State exam in Civil Engineering

AY 2016/18 Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with honors – University of Bologna (BO), School of Engineering and Architecture. Experimental thesis: Development of an activity-based demand model through micro-simulations of multi-modal transport networks. Supervisor: Prof. Joerg Schweizer. Co-Supervisor: Prof. Federico Rupi

AY 2013/16 – Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering – University of Bologna (BO), School of Engineering and Architecture. Experimental thesis: Analysis of cycling routes recorded via Smartphone on the road network of Bologna in the last three years. Supervisor: Prof. Federico Rupi. Co-Supervisor: Dott. Ing. Silvia bernardi

AY 2008/13 – Surveyor diploma at the technical Institute I. Salviani, Città di Castello (PG)


AY 2020/21 Academic Tutor of Master's Course 'Sustainable Transportation Engineering' of Master's Degree in 'Civil Engineering', School of Architecture and Engineering at University of bologna.

AY 2020/21 Now Representative of PhD students at Department boards of DICAM: Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering of the University of Bologna.

Jan.–Jul. 2020 - Visiting Researcher in the field of Transportation Engineering at the MBA Department of Marketing and Business Analytics - Lucas College and Graduate School of Business of the San José State University, and to the not-for-profit company Prospect Silicon Valley, involved in the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) Research Project 'Estimating Impacts of Automated Shuttles' and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) Research Project 'Automated Shuttles as First and Last Mile Service in San Mateo County'

AY2019/20 & AY 2018/19 - Collaborator of the bicycle demand survey for the Municipality of Bologna;

AY 2018/19 - Co-Supervisor of about 30 bachelor's and master's theses in the subjects 'Transport Technique and Economics', 'Transportation Planning', 'Road Infrastructure and Transport Laboratory'.

AY 2018/19 - Professor of a part of the module 'Soluzioni di mobilità sostenibile per le persone' of the course 'ITS - Tecnico superiore per la logistica 4.0 e la smart mobility' - Aldini Valeriani Foundation.

AY 2018/19 - Support for the admission commission and study plan commission for the Master’s Degree Course of Civil Engineering, University of Bologna.

 AY 2018/19 - Representative of PhD students at PhD boards of DICAM: Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering of the University of Bologna.

AY 2016/18 – Tutor of the Course of Studies in Civil Engineering: Support activities for current and future students and for the Course of Studies.


Oct. 2018 - Local Public Transport (TPL) demand survey and data digitalization for Steer Group, Bologna

NDR2020 - Participation in the European Researchers' Night of Bologna; Stand: How Recorded GPS Traces Can Help Future Transport Planning.


TRB2021 Washington, D.C., Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting. Session: Bus System Operations, Technology, and Applications

HSUEH, G., CZERWINSKI, D., POLIZIANI, C., BECKER, T., HUGHES, A., CHEN, P., BENN, M., Using BEAM Software to Simulate the Introduction of On-Demand, Automated, and Electric Shuttles for Last Mile Connectivity in Santa Clara County, presented by Gary Hsueh and Cristian Poliziani

ETC2020 Milan, European Transport Conference Online. Topic: Climate Change. Programme Commitee: Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport. Presented paper:

POLIZIANI C., RUPI F., SCHWEIZER J., Prediction of the Free Floating Bike Sharing System demand from GPS traces, presented by Cristian Poliziani

SIDT2019 Salerno, scientific seminar of 'Società Italiana Docenti di Trasporti (SIDT)'. Presented papers:

POLIZIANI C., RUPI F., SCHWEIZER J., An analysis of dynamic demand patterns in free-floating bike sharing schemes based on GPS traces, presented by Cristian Poliziani

RUPI F., SCHWEIZER J., POLIZIANI C. Analyzing an urban bike network by comparing traditional counting methods with GPS traces from Smartphone, presented by Federico Rupi

SCHWEIZER J., RUPI F., POLIZIANI C. Calibration of bicycle link-cost functions using GPS traces and stochastic optimization methods, presented by Joerg Schweizer

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