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Carolina Manfredini

PhD Student

Department of History and Cultures

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Carolina Manfredini is a PhD student in Historical and Archaeological Sciences. Memory, Civilization and Heritage at the University of Bologna since November 2019 (supervisor: prof. M.G. Muzzarelli). Her project is focused on diplomatic interactions, material exchanges, and gift-giving between the Duchy of Milan and the main European Sovereign States (1450-1499).



In March 2019 she obtained a Master’s degree in Historical Sciences from the University of Milan, with a thesis dealing with the Milanese expedition to France from 1465 to 1466. 110/110 e lode.

In April 2016 she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage Studies from the University of Milan with a thesis concerning oriental details in paintings in the 14th-15th centuries court cities of Northern Italy. 110/110 e lode.



She is currently a member of the examining board of the courses in Medieval History for Cultural Heritage Studies and for Foreign Languages at the University of Milan. She was also teaching assistant in the laboratory La Ca’ Granda dei Milanesi. Formazione all’itinerario di visita (2017-2019). During her studies, she carried out a tourist guide service (2015-2018) to the historical and artistic heritage of the ancient Major Hospital of Milan and she she has carried out historical consulting for the virtual reality project Beyond the Castle, at the Sforza Castle in Milan. 



2021, October 5th-6th: organization and coordination of the interdisciplinary workshop organized in the framework of the PhD course in History and Archaeology of the Department of History and Cultures, University of Bologna, The (un)needed sciences. Perspectives of discussione among archaeology, cultural anthropology and history.

2021, July 19th-21st: 15th Annual MEMSA Conference, University of Durham, Crossing Borders, Contesting Boundaries II, with the paper Crossing political borders: trans-European encounters and diplomatic gifts in the Duchy of Milan (1455-1499).

2021, July 5th-9th: International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, panel The Materiality of Noble Power, with the paper A visual game: meetings and comparisons in the imaging of power between Francesco and Galeazzo Maria Sforza (Duchy of Milan, 1450-1476).

2021, February 26th: Seminario Dottorale, Università di Bologna, Università degli Studi di Trieste, Université de Genève, Mobilità di persone e di merci nei secoli XIV e XV.

2020, November 25th-26th: I convegno dottorale interdisciplinare, Università di Parma, La copia. Un dialogo tra discipline umanistiche, with the paper «Se trionpha et sfogia cum recami de perle»: modelli di autorappresentazione nelle nozze sforzesche (1441-1491).



«Vederò de asuefarme ad questo mestere al meglio poterò»: la spedizione milanese in Francia attraverso gli occhi (e gli scritti) di Galeazzo Maria Sforza (1465-1466), in «Annuario dell'Archivio di Stato di Milano», 2018 (2020), pp. 1-36.

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