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Carlo Monaco

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Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche e Neuromotorie

Settore scientifico disciplinare: MED/28 MALATTIE ODONTOSTOMATOLOGICHE


Baldissara P.; Monaco C.; Onofri E.; Fonseca R.G.; Ciocca L., Fatigue resistance of monolithic lithium disilicate occlusal veneers: a pilot study, «ODONTOLOGY», 2019, 107, pp. 482 - 490 [articolo]

Monaco, Carlo*; Scheda, Lorenzo; Baldissara, Paolo; Zucchelli, Giovanni, Implant Digital Impression in the Esthetic Area, «JOURNAL OF PROSTHODONTICS», 2019, 28, pp. 536 - 540 [articolo]

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Ciocca L.; Meneghello R.; Savio G.; Scheda L.; Monaco C.; Gatto M.R.; Micarelli C.; Baldissara P., Manufacturing of Metal Frameworks for Full-Arch Dental Restoration on Implants: A Comparison between Milling and a Novel Hybrid Technology, «JOURNAL OF PROSTHODONTICS», 2019, 28, pp. 556 - 563 [articolo]

Zucchelli, Giovanni; Felice, Pietro; Mazzotti, Claudio; Marzadori, Matteo; Mounssif, Ilham; Monaco, Carlo; Stefanini, Martina, 5-year outcomes after coverage of soft tissue dehiscence around single implants: A prospective cohort study, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY», 2018, 11, pp. 215 - 224 [articolo]

Marzadori, Matteo; Stefanini, Martina; Sangiorgi, Matteo; Mounssif, Ilham; Monaco, Carlo; Zucchelli, Giovanni, Crown lengthening and restorative procedures in the esthetic zone, «PERIODONTOLOGY 2000», 2018, 0, pp. 84 - 92 [articolo]

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Monaco, Carlo; Scheda, Lorenzo; Ciocca, Leonardo; Zucchelli, Giovanni, The prototype concept in a full digital implant workflow, «THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION», 2018, 149, pp. 918 - 923 [articolo]

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Scotti, Nicola; Comba, Allegra; Cadenaro, Milena; Fontanive, Luca; Breschi, Lorenzo; Monaco, Carlo; Scotti, Roberto, Effect of lithium disilicate veneers of different thickness on the degree of conversion and microhardness of a light-curing and a dual-curing cement, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PROSTHODONTICS», 2016, 29, pp. 384 - 388 [articolo]

Monaco, Carlo; Arena, Antonio; Scotti, Roberto; Krejci, Ivo, Fracture strength of endodontically treated teeth restored with composite overlays with and without glass-fiber reinforcement, «JOURNAL OF ADHESIVE DENTISTRY», 2016, 18, pp. 143 - 149 [articolo]

Monaco, Carlo; Rosentritt, Martin; Llukacej, Altin; Baldissara, Paolo; Scotti, Roberto, Marginal Adaptation, Gap Width, and Fracture Strength of Teeth Restored With Different All-Ceramic Vs Metal Ceramic Crown Systems: An in Vitro Study, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PROSTHODONTICS AND RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY», 2016, 24, pp. 130 - 137 [articolo]

Zucchelli, Giovanni; Mazzotti, Claudio; Monaco, Carlo, A Standardized Approach for the Early Restorative Phase After Esthetic Crown-Lengthening Surgery, «THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PERIODONTICS & RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY», 2015, 35, pp. 601 - 611 [articolo]

Monaco, Carlo; Caldari, Mauro; Scotti, Roberto, Clinical evaluation of tooth-supported zirconia-based fixed dental prostheses: a retrospective cohort study from the AIOP clinical research group, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PROSTHODONTICS», 2015, 28, pp. 236 - 238 [articolo]

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