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Calvin David Rans

Adjunct Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering


• Variable amplitude fatigue of aircraft structures
• Damage tolerant design of bonded structures
• Novel hybrid laminates for design against impact

My research interests lie in the area of structural integrity and damage tolerant design of
aircraft structures. Past research efforts have focused on the development of a mechanistic
understanding of fatigue damage formation and growth in metal and hybrid structures and
the performance of aircraft structural joints. As part of the Structural Integrity group at Delft
University of Technology, I have contributed to knowledge development in the fi eld of hybrid
fi bre metal laminate structures and the development of design and prediction tools for these
structures. Recent research efforts have looked at extending this FML knowledge in a more
general manner to bonded metallic and traditional fi bre reinforced composite structures. Future
research efforts will continue along the theme of developing a mechanistic understanding
of structural integrity topics for aircraft structures. Three main areas of focus will be pursued:
• Variable amplitude fatigue of aircraft structures — damage formation and growth
mechanisms, load interaction effects, and material interaction effects in metallic, composite,
and hybrid structures will be investigated using experimental and fractographic techniques.
Identifi cation of appropriate fatigue spectrum simplifi cations for future hybrid metalliccomposite
aircraft certifi cation testing will be a primary goal of this research area.
• Damage tolerant design of bonded structures — mechanistic study of fatigue delamination
growth along a defi ned interface with the goal of developing damage tolerance
prediction capabilities. Potential aerospace applications include design and certifi cation of
bonded aircraft repairs, wind turbine blade damage tolerance assessment, and analytical
design tools for bonded stiffened structures.
• Novel hybrid laminates for design against impact — investigate the use of selective
reinforcement of composite laminates with metallic foils and meshes as an energy absorbing
element during impact. The goal is to reduce the impact sensitivity and inspectability of
composite laminates with a low metal volume fraction hybrid laminate.

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