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Barbara Sgorbati

Adjunct professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Curriculum vitae

Instruction :After degrees,Specialization in Medical Microbiology,PhD in Molecular Microbiology.International Experiences :CNRS fellow at the Service de physiologie cellulaire,Pasteur Institute,Paris (France).CNR fellow at the Dept.of Microbiology-University of Leicester ( U.K). NATO  fellow at  the N.I.H.,Dept. of Microbiology.Bethesda,Maryland (U.S.A).Visiting fellow at the N.I.H Dept of Microbiology,Fort Dietrich,Maryland (U.S.A).Visiting Professor at the  Dept. of Microbiology,Pretoria University.(Sud Africa).Visiting Professor at the Dept.of Microbiology.Texas University (U.S.A).Academic Progression:CNR fellow-Assistant -Associate Professor (G08B-AGR16).Academic Experience: Teacher in  Physiology and genetics of microrganisms- Microbial   Ecology-Principles of Agriculture  Microbiology-Agroenvironmental Microbial Biotechnology (Faculty of  Agriculture)-Agroenvironmental Microbial  Biotechnology  (Faculty of Biological Sciences)-Microbial Genetics (Specialization School  of Genetics)-Agroenvironmental  Biotechnologies ( School of  Pharmacy and  Biotechnologies)- Active Member of the  International Subcommittee on Bifidobacterium,Lactobacillus and related organisms-Scientific research activity:pre and pro biotic.



     Active Member of the Subcommittee on  Bifidobacterium,Lactobacillus and related organisms.Scientific research activity:Pre and pro biotic.