Foto del docente

Barbara Bonfiglioli

Adjunct professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Vicepresidenza della Scuola di Ingegneria - Bologna


BONFIGLIOLI B.; PASCALE G.; VIOLA E., Numerical investigations on the flexural behaviour of RC beams retrofitted with FRP, in: Up-to-date knowledge related structure reinforcement, protection, life extension and environment consideration, ROMA, ARACNE, 2004, pp. 126 - 135 (atti di: RRRTEA ‘04, Restoration, recycling and rejuvenation technology for engineering and architecture, Cesena, Italy, June 7-11, 2004) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

STRAUSS A.; PASCALE G.; BONFIGLIOLI B.; BERGMEISTER K.; DI MURO P., Probability and sensitivity analysis of strain measurements in FRP, «STRUCTURAL CONTROL & HEALTH MONITORING», 2004, 11(1), pp. 55 - 74 [Scientific article]

STRATFORD T.; PASCALE G.; MANFRONI O.; BONFIGLIOLI B., Shear strengthening masonry panels with sheet glass-fiber reinforced polymer, «JOURNAL OF COMPOSITES FOR CONSTRUCTION», 2004, 8(5), pp. 434 - 443 [Scientific article]

FALCIAI R.; TRONO C.; PASCALE G.; BONFIGLIOLI B., Some aspects of FRP monitoring with fiber Bragg grating sensors, in: European Workshop Structural Health Monitoring, s.l, DEStech, 2004, pp. 877 - 882 (atti di: 2nd European Workshop Structural Health Monitoring,, Munich, Germany, July 2004) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

BONFIGLIOLI B.; PASCALE G.; STRAUSS A.; BERGMEISTER K., Strain measuring on fiber composites by Bragg grating sensors, in: Structural Health Monitoring, WINNIPEG, ISIS, 2004, pp. 171 - 181 (atti di: 2nd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring of Innovative Structures, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, September 22&23, 2004) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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