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Anna Lisa Zandonella

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Department for Life Quality Studies


exam test information : 2020-21 ZAND: Answer Grid_ Organizational Psycology Test

PdLPdL 20-21/ZAND: Answer Grid_ Organizational Psycology Test

As attach, you can find the answer grid of the Organizational Psycology Exam. The student has to download the PDF file and print it (from ANNUNCI

About the Exam:

- the test is a multiple choice questionnaire: the student has to read the question and chose one of the three possible options (a,b,c);

- the maximum achievable score in this exam is 31 point, that is equal to 30 with honors;

- to each correct answer choosen corrisponds +1 points, to each wrong one or blank question corrisponds -1 points.

Exam Day:

The student who access to the exam, has to join to MS Teams room at the time written in Alma Esami portal. (After that the professor will proceed with the student's credentials checking..)

Once this step is been completed, the test will officially begin.

During the exam, the professor will share the slides which contains the questions and for each of them the students will have 1 min to answer it. After this time, the question will disappear.

It’s mandatory for the students printing the answer grid document before the beginning of the test, because it is necessary to mark the option choosen.

From the end of the exam, the student must send within 30 minutes to official Professor mailbox ( these documents:

- answer grid filled as PDF attach;

- badge scanned or picture where the student's name, surname and serial badge number are visible.

The final mark will be sent to each student by email and to request the verbalization it will be necessary to reply to that email.

Best Regard, the professor.


Published on: February 11 2021