Foto del docente

Anna Tinti

Assistant professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/10 Biochemistry

Curriculum vitae

  • Born in Monzuno (BO) in 1956
  • Degree in Chemistry, march 1981 at the Bologna University
  • October 1983 – june 1986 Risearch Doctoral School Orthopaedic Sciences, theme "Biocompatibility of alloplastic materials in Orthopaedics and Dentistry”
  • February 1989 -  september 2001: technical degree to the Biochemistry Department of the Bologna University
  • Since october 2001 researcher to the School of Medicine, SSD  BIO/10

Teaching activity

  • From 2001-02 has held the Propedeutical Biochemistry for the BA course Biomedical Laboratory
  • From 2004-05 to 2006-07 has partecipated to the blended-learning teaching activity for the Biochemistry course for the BA course Biomedical Laboratory
  • From 2009-10 has partially held the Chemistry and Propedeutical Biochemistry for the Medicine LM course
  • From 2011-12 has held the Biochemistry course (I. C.: Biology and Biochemistry) for the Biomedical Laboratory Techniques degree.  

Research subjects


  • 1. Spectroscopic characterisation of new biomaterials and their bioactivity
  • 2. Spectroscopic characterisation of secondary and tertiary structure of proteins (i.e. bovine albumin and metallo-thioneins) and their metal binding properties
  • 3. spectroscopic characterization of drug polymorphs


  • in vitro studies of new endodontic cements derived by Portland cement;
  • crystallinity changes, phase transformation and oxidation in explanted UHMWPE acetabular cups (cross-linked polyethylene and Hylamer), strictly related to the polymer biocompatibility;
  • vibrational studies of the degradation of polymer/apatite composites for tisse engeneering.

Scientific production:

About 140 papers, mainly in  international journals with I.F. regarding original researches in the biomedical field and about 130 perticipations to national and international congresses.

Latest news

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