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Angelo Casagrande

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/21 Metallurgy


Keywords: damping behavior defect and fatigue aluminizing microwave SHS intermetallics high entropy alloys reactive sintering

2-High Entropy Alloys

Conventionally, simple solid solution structures, such as CFC or BCC are formed in high entropy alloys instead of ordered crystalline compounds due to the high entropy effect, starting from liquid synthesis methods as arc melting or induction melting process. The ingots were then remelted at least three or four times to improve the homogeneity under high vacuum.

Now, many studies are also focused on solid state technologies to produce HEA alloys and, between these, in our case, sps (spark plasma sintering) and WDE (microonde ) are selected to evaluate possible, simple and alternate technology processes. Starting from the PM (powder metallurgy) , the equiatomic Fe, Al, Ni, Co and Cr metallic powder mixtures were prepared

Additive manufacturing of High-entropy Alloy CoCrNiFeMn was studied with selective laser melting (SLM)from Mechanical alloying powders. A wide process parameter window in the SLM process was investigated. It was impossible to produce crack-free samples, attributed to stresses that originate during the building processes. Additional plastic deformation and thermal treatements was indispensable to produce industrial alloys

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