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Angela Maria Mazzanti

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: M-STO/06 History of Religions

Curriculum vitae

Angela Maria Mazzanti is Professor of History of Religions at the University of Bologna. Her interests encompass anthropological and theological aspects in Late Antiquity, pursued through a historical-comparative methodology.

Scientific Activity

She has published on Philo of Alexandria, the central figure in connecting Judaism of the Diaspora to the Hellenistic tradition (L'uomo nella cultura religiosa del tardo antico tra etica e ontologia [1990] and  La rivelazione in Filone di Alessandria: natura, legge, storia, coedited with F. Calabi [2004]. A.M. Mazzanti has also investigated the notion of religion in Middle Platonic philosophers and Christian apologists, in particular, the meaning of "mystery" and "truth", including a lexical interpretation . She has edited two books (Il mistero nella carne: Contributi su Mysterium e Sacramentum nei primi secoli cristiani [2003] and Il volto del mistero. Mistero e rivelazione nella cultura religiosa tardoantica [2006]). The very same topics have been discussed lately in a Seminar International called 
"Truth and mystery between Greek-Roman tradition and Late Antiquity multiculturalism", wich findings will be published shortly. Finally, among her recent publications and editions is Sulle tracce della verità. Percorsi religiosi tra antico e contemporaneo.

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