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Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipo b) (senior)

Dipartimento di Scienze Aziendali

Settore scientifico disciplinare: SECS-P/11 ECONOMIA DEGLI INTERMEDIARI FINANZIARI


Information about Financial Analysis exam

Dear all,

These are some useful information about our exam.

Before the exam:

You have to register in Almaesami on time. Late registration is highly discouraged. If you do not register you will not be able to do the exam.

The exam will be on Esami On Line ( It will all be multiple choice questions. There will be two parts, one theoretical and one problem solving. We will use Zoom so you need to download this application as soon as possible and to enter it at least once before the exam.

You have to check your Unibo email address. The link for the exam could be sent there by the system.

The exam procedure:

Before the exam you will be asked to show a document like the university badge for identification. So it is better to be ready for the exam 30 min before the exam and you will enter one after the other. You are highly encouraged to not be late.

You will be allocated randomly to different virtual rooms during the exam and each room will have a supervisor. I will move from one room to the other to check if anything is ok. During the exam it is possible to make questions but preferably via chat to not disturb the other participants. I can speak to everyone if I think this is necessary. The exam is on English.

One important point is that during the exam you will share the screen otherwise you will not be allowed to continue. We will also ask you randomly to open the webcam to check if anything is fine. It would be better to have a separated webcam from the one of your PC but if this is not possible do not worry. Please check that your connection is good enough. Maybe you need to connect via LAN not wi-fi if that is possible.

The exam in Zoom will be registered in case any problems arise.

You can use calculators but not mobile devices, or smartwatches. You can also use blank sheets for calculations.

If your connection is lost then your exam will not be valid and you will have to do another exam in another date.

The exam will last for 2 hours.

During the exam you should not talk to anyone like your parents or friends. We need your cooperation on this point. Any tentative to ask for assistance will automatically give you a rejection grade.

Students with disabilities have the option to ask from more time to complete the exam or to have a tutor with them during the exam.

So do not forget: Almaesami for registration, Esami on Line for the exam and Zoom for the meeting. They are all connected to each other. Check you unibo mail because invitation for the exam will be sent there I believe.

Good luck!

Pubblicato il: 27 maggio 2020