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Alison Rachel Bron

Adjunct professor

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Curriculum vitae

Alison Bron has just spent many hours writing her cv in day, when she has the strength, she will tell you all about herself in English.
As her current students will know she's all about the story (but that's another story).

The short version is that I come from Oxford, have a degree in English and Italian Literature, and an Italian Diploma in Opera from the Rossini Conservatory Pesaro.

My Bologna course is all about Culture and Language and I hope to explore the various differences in nuance between high-brow and low-brow's all Culture/culture depending on how you look at it.

As well as teaching English in schools, companies and at university, I've also been working in Italy as a freelance translator and interpreter for the last 20 years or so. I have gained a reputation for my work in many different cultural arenas specializing in texts on art, music, design, architecture and especially on panels for museums and multi-media panels which need to explain complicated ideas in clear simple language.

Plain and simple business language is at one end of the spectrum, and my broad arts background also means I can 'wax lyrical' for advertising and copywriting purposes, which is just what you need for 'transcreation' work. On occasion I have also worked with children's authors re-writing poems for texts or song lyrics and video subtitles, which need a certain feel for rhyme and rhythm.

From a linguistic point of view I use my course to explore various varieties of English looking at slang, technical jargon and also the spoken and unspoken rules of what it means to be truly English.

I'm English from Oxford, so that's my baseline but in my courses we also examine the use of language from our cousins overseas (the Americans, that is, not the Vikings...) some of my best friends are Americans.

But that's another story. See you in class.