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Alexander Lewis Ilersic

Collaboratore ed esperto linguistico di madre lingua: inglese

Dipartimento di Interpretazione e Traduzione

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After attaining a 2: 1 History & Politics Joint Honours Degree I left the University of Leicester to work for a "blue chip" company. Two years later I returned to my studies and completed a Post Graduate Qualification in Teaching. During the next 15 years I built a successful career in education, enjoying four  successive promotions, in different managerial positions. My last post in the UK  involved switching from Head of the Humanities faculty to leading the PSHCE faculty.  This role involved implementing government directives on issues such as student welfare.

During this time I worked in close collaboration with the University of Leicester  to train, and evaluate post graduates to become teachers. I was also an examiner for a national exams provider in History for 8 years.

I currently hold the position of CEL Inglese at the DIT having worked in the department for the last four years. I have  also worked with the department of Political and Social Sciences, and the department of Sociology at the University of Bologna (Forli Campus). 






Dipartimento di Interpretazione e Traduzione
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