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Alena Shumakova

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Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali

Curriculum vitae

I have a degree in foreign language and literature at the Urbino University

2007- Present: PhD in Cultural Studies at  Istitute for Cultural Studies in Moscow .                      My fields of research is Soviet Propaganda Cinema of 70s and multiple screen movies of “Sovpolikadr” production.

2003 - Present: Lecturer on the Soviet and Russia cinema for seminars, held at universities in Italy and abroad:

2011    " Differences, similarities and technical and methodological overlap between cinema  function and the documentary film " – University of Padua

2009    “The perception of Russian Cinema in Russia and abroad”  – State Institute of Cinematography, Moscow

2006     Soviet Musical in the30-40s (University of Padua)

2004    Cinema of  Vadim Abdrashitov: prepararing  Perestroika (University of Verona)

2003    Blu Soviet, nuclear catastroph and soviet cinema (Academy of Architecture of     Mendrisio,   Switzerland)

1997 - 2000 I worked in collaboration with different theatrical institutions. I have organised a seminar for theater studies at the University of Urbino in collaboration with the Kommissarzhevskaya Theater of S.Petersburg and organised and translated The Stalingrad Battl by Rezo Gabriadze for the Theatre Festival “Santarcangelo dei Teatri”

2002 - 2004  I worked in charge of the Italy-URSS archive film collection for the Cineteca di Bologna.

Expert of the Soviet cinema, I collaborated as curator / film consultant for the organization of cinematographic reviews and retrospectives in Italy and abroad.  From 2002 to 2010: Georgian cinema at Centro San Biagio, Cesena, Italy, Kazakh Cinema at Centro San Biagio, Cesena, Italy, The stars of the steppa – Cinema of Cental Asia, Trieste, Italy, Kira Muratova's cinema, Trieste, Italy, Joe D'Amato in Russia, Moscow; Russia, Guerman: a family portret, Trieste, Italy. Marx attacs, Soviet sci-fu cinema, Trieste, Italy,

2010   Russian Cinema today, Pesaro, Italy

2006  The secret story of Russian cinema, La Biennale di Venezia, Italy 

I'm currently consultant for the Biennale di Venezia for film selection from the East-European area, having long been involved in projects related to film co-productions in Russia and Italy. I'm currently curator for the Year of Italian Culture in Russian federation – Cinema Section.

I'm translating texts from Russian into Italian (Oxigen by Ivan Vyrypaev, In the middle of the  Ocean by Alexander Sokurov)

2010    Best translation Award by Cultural Fondation Boris Yeltsin for the translation of “In the middle of the Ocean” by Alexander Sokurov


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