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Alberto Sensini

Adjunct professor

Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"


Keywords: Electrospinning Biomechanics Materials Stress analysis Micro-CT Tendon/ligament tissue Skeletal-muscle tissue regeneration Nerve tissue regeneration Spinal cord regeneration Muscle-inspired soft-robotic actuators


Electrospinning is a very powerful production process that allows to generate, starting by a polymeric solution, nanometric fibers through the application of an electrostatic field. This process is widely used today in the field research of tissue engineering, for the production of scaffolds for cells proliferation, due to its ability to mimic the extracellular matrix of body tissues with a high degree of approximation.

Development and characterization of electrospun scaffolds for tendon/ligament reconstruction, replacement and simulation

Inside the research group in which I work, we are developing and characterizing, from a mechanical and chemical point of view, electrospun scaffolds for tendon and ligament tissue regeneration by applying a multiscale approach, in order to reproduce as faithfully as possible, the various hierarchical levels of aggregation of the extracellular matrix of such tissues. This approach is essential due to transfer appropriate mechanical stresses to the cells and to allow the correct regeneration of these tissues. To achieve this goal, from one side we are designing and developing technologies and manufacturing processes for produce our scaffolds and, on the other, we are developing polymeric solutions which increase the bioactivity and the cellular response. We are also developing ad hoc setups to properly evaluate the mechanical properties of such intrinsically strongly viscoelastic constructs.

Development and characterization of electrospun structures for soft-robotic muscles-inspired actuators

Recently, with the research group in which I work, we have started to investigate the potential of the electrospun scaffolds developed in our group also for the production of muscle-inspired soft-actuators.