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Alberto Leoni

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: CHIM/08 Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Marzano S.; Miglietta G.; Morigi R.; Marinello J.; Arleo A.; Procacci M.; Locatelli A.; Leoni A.; Pagano B.; Randazzo A.; Amato J.; Capranico G., Balancing Affinity, Selectivity, and Cytotoxicity of Hydrazone-Based G-Quadruplex Ligands for Activation of Interferon β Genes in Cancer Cells, «JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY», 2022, 65, pp. 12055 - 12067 [Scientific article]

Francesca Bonvicini, Alessandra Locatelli, Rita Morigi, Alberto Leoni, Giovanna Angela Gentilomi, Isatin Bis-Indole and Bis-Imidazothiazole Hybrids: Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity, «MOLECULES», 2022, 27, pp. 5781 - 5792 [Scientific article]

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Morigi R.; Catanzaro E.; Locatelli A.; Calcabrini C.; Pellicioni V.; Leoni A.; Fimognari C., Synthesis and biological evaluation of new bis-indolinone derivatives endowed with cytotoxic activity, «MOLECULES», 2021, 26, Article number: 6277 , pp. 6277 - 6292 [Scientific article]

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Morigi, Rita; Vitali, Beatrice; Prata, Cecilia; Palomino, Rogers A. A; Graziadio, Alessandra; Locatelli, Alessandra; Rambaldi, Mirella; Leoni, Alberto, Investigation on the effects of antimicrobial imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole derivatives on the genitourinary microflora, «MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY», 2018, 14, pp. 311 - 319 [Scientific article]

R. Morigi, J. Amato, N. Iaccarino, B. Pagano, A. Locatelli, A. Leoni, M. Rambaldi, G. Miglietta, J. Marinello, G. Capranico, E. Novellino, A. Randazzo, Targeting human telomeric and promoter G-quardruplexes: synthesis, biophysical and biological studies of new guanylhydrazones as potential antitumor agents, in: BIONIC 2018: Biology of non-canonical nucleic acids: from humans to pathogens. 26th - 28th September 2018 - Padova, Italy - Abstract Book, Padova, 2018, pp. 126 - 126 (atti di: BIONIC 2018: Biology of non-canonical nucleic acids: from humans to pathogens., Padova, 26-28 settembre 2018) [Abstract]

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