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Alberto Ceccato

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Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali


Ceccato, Alberto; Viola, Giulio; Antonellini, Marco; Tartaglia, Giulia; Ryan, Eric J., Constraints upon fault zone properties by combined structural analysis of virtual outcrop models and discrete fracture network modelling, «JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY», 2021, 152, pp. 104444 - 104462 [articolo]

Ceccato, Alberto; Viola, Giulio; Tartaglia, Giulia; Antonellini, Marco, In–situ quantification of mechanical and permeability properties on outcrop analogues of offshore fractured and weathered crystalline basement: Examples from the Rolvsnes granodiorite, Bømlo, Norway, «MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY», 2021, 124, pp. 1 - 20 [articolo]

Tartaglia G.; Viola G.; van der Lelij R.; Scheiber T.; Ceccato A.; Schonenberger J., “Brittle structural facies” analysis: A diagnostic method to unravel and date multiple slip events of long-lived faults, «EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS», 2020, 545, pp. 1 - 14 [articolo]

Giulia Tartaglia, Giulio Viola, Roelant van der Lelij, Jasmin Schonenberger, Thomas Scheiber, Alberto Ceccato, The Lærdal-Gjende Fault (southwestern Norway): A new, high-resolution, combined structural-geochronological study, in: Geophysical Research Abstracts, 2019, 21(atti di: EGU General Assembly, Vienna, 7-12 April 2019) [atti di convegno-poster]

Ceccato A.; Menegon L.; Pennacchioni G.; Morales L.F.G., Myrmekite and strain weakening in granitoid mylonites, «SOLID EARTH», 2018, 9, pp. 1399 - 1419 [articolo]

Ceccato A.; Pennacchioni G., Structural evolution of the Rieserferner pluton in the framework of the Oligo-Miocene tectonics of the Eastern Alps, «JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY», 2018, 116, pp. 64 - 80 [articolo]

Ceccato A.; Pennacchioni G.; Menegon L.; Bestmann M., Crystallographic control and texture inheritance during mylonitization of coarse grained quartz veins, «LITHOS», 2017, 290-291, pp. 210 - 227 [articolo]

Pennacchioni G.; Ceccato A.; Fioretti A.M.; Mazzoli C.; Zorzi F.; Ferretti P., Episyenites in meta-granitoids of the Tauern Window (Eastern Alps): unpredictable?, «JOURNAL OF GEODYNAMICS», 2016, 101, pp. 73 - 87 [articolo]

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