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Adriana Bigi

Professoressa ordinaria

Dipartimento di Chimica "Giacomo Ciamician"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: CHIM/03 CHIMICA GENERALE E INORGANICA


Salamanna, Francesca; Giavaresi, Gianluca*; Parrilli, Annapaola; Torricelli, Paola; Boanini, Elisa; Bigi, Adriana; Fini, Milena, Antiresorptive properties of strontium substituted and alendronate functionalized hydroxyapatite nanocrystals in an ovariectomized rat spinal arthrodesis model, «MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. C, BIOMIMETIC MATERIALS, SENSORS AND SYSTEMS», 2019, 95, pp. 355 - 362 [articolo]

Salamanna F.; Giavaresi G.; Contartese D.; Bigi A.; Boanini E.; Parrilli A.; Lolli R.; Gasbarrini A.; Barbanti Brodano G.; Fini M., Effect of strontium substituted ß-TCP associated to mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow and adipose tissue on spinal fusion in healthy and ovariectomized rat, «JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY», 2019, 234, pp. 20046 - 20056 [articolo]

Forte L.; Sarda S.; Torricelli P.; Combes C.; Brouillet F.; Marsan O.; Salamanna F.; Fini M.; Boanini E.; Bigi A., Multifunctionalization Modulates Hydroxyapatite Surface Interaction with Bisphosphonate: Antiosteoporotic and Antioxidative Stress Materials, «ACS BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING», 2019, 5, pp. 3429 - 3439 [articolo]

Rubini K.; Boanini E.; Bigi A., Role of aspartic and polyaspartic acid on the synthesis and hydrolysis of brushite, «JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL BIOMATERIALS», 2019, 10, pp. 1 - 12 [articolo]

Boanini E.; Gazzano M.; Nervi C.; Chierotti M.R.; Rubini K.; Gobetto R.; Bigi A., Strontium and zinc substitution in β-tricalcium phosphate: An X-ray diffraction, solid state NMR and ATR-FTIR study, «JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL BIOMATERIALS», 2019, 10, pp. 1 - 15 [articolo]

Boanini, Elisa*; Cassani, Maria Cristina; Rubini, Katia; Boga, Carla; Bigi, Adriana, (9R)-9-hydroxystearate-functionalized anticancer ceramics promote loading of silver nanoparticles, «NANOMATERIALS», 2018, 8, pp. 1 - 9 [articolo]

Boanini, Elisa; Torricelli, Paola; Bonvicini, Francesca; Cassani, Maria Cristina; Fini, Milena; Gentilomi, Giovanna Angela; Bigi, Adriana, A new multifunctionalized material against multi-drug resistant bacteria and abnormal osteoclast activity, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS AND BIOPHARMACEUTICS», 2018, 127, pp. 120 - 129 [articolo]

Forte, Lucia; Torricelli, Paola; Bonvicini, Francesca; Boanini, Elisa; Gentilomi, Giovanna Angela; Lusvardi, Gigliola; Della Bella, Elena; Fini, Milena; Vecchio Nepita, Edoardo; Bigi, Adriana, Biomimetic fabrication of antibacterial calcium phosphates mediated by polydopamine, «JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY», 2018, 178, pp. 43 - 53 [articolo]

Bigi, Adriana; Boanini, Elisa, Calcium Phosphates as Delivery Systems for Bisphosphonates, «JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL BIOMATERIALS», 2018, 9, pp. 1 - 18 [articolo]

Emanuel Axente, Carmen Ristoscu, Adriana Bigi, Felix Sima, Ion N. Mihailescu, Combinatorial laser synthesis of biomaterial thin films: selection and processing for medical applications., in: Advances in the application of lasers in materials science., Basel, Springer, 2018, pp. 309 - 338 [capitolo di libro]

Boanini, Elisa; Torricelli, Paola; Sima, Felix; Axente, Emanuel; Fini, Milena; Mihailescu, Ion N.; Bigi, Adriana, Gradient coatings of strontium hydroxyapatite/zinc β-tricalcium phosphate as a tool to modulate osteoblast/osteoclast response, «JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY», 2018, 183, pp. 1 - 8 [articolo]

Dolci, Luisa S.; Liguori, Anna; Panzavolta, Silvia; Miserocchi, Anna; Passerini, Nadia; Gherardi, Matteo; Colombo, Vittorio; Bigi, Adriana; Albertini, Beatrice, Non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma as innovative method to crosslink and enhance mucoadhesion of econazole-loaded gelatin films for buccal drug delivery, «COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. B, BIOINTERFACES», 2018, 163, pp. 73 - 82 [articolo]

Della Bella, Elena; Parrilli, Annapaola; Bigi, Adriana; Panzavolta, Silvia; Amadori, Sofia; Giavaresi, Gianluca; Martini, Lucia; Borsari, Veronica; Fini, Milena, Osteoinductivity of nanostructured hydroxyapatite-functionalized gelatin modulated by human and endogenous mesenchymal stromal cells, «JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH. PART A», 2018, 106, pp. 914 - 923 [articolo]

Dolci, Luisa Stella; Panzavolta, Silvia; Albertini, Beatrice; Campisi, Barbara; Gandolfi, Massimo; Bigi, Adriana; Passerini, Nadia, Spray-congealed solid lipid microparticles as a new tool for the controlled release of bisphosphonates from a calcium phosphate bone cement, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS AND BIOPHARMACEUTICS», 2018, 122, pp. 6 - 16 [articolo]

Panzavolta S, Torricelli P, Casolari S, Parrilli A, Fini M, Bigi A., Strontium-Substituted Hydroxyapatite-Gelatin Biomimetic Scaffolds Modulate Bone Cell Response, «MACROMOLECULAR BIOSCIENCE», 2018, 18, pp. 1 - 10 [articolo]

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