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Clean and Affordable Energy for a Sustainable World

Webinar by OMC, 17 June, h. 15.00-16.30

Clean and Affordable Energy for a Sustainable World
17 June 2021 - H 15.00-16.30

Introduction and Moderation:
Monica Spada, Chair OMC 2021 – Edoardo Dellarole, Chair Programme Committee

Energy transition is the key towards transformation of the global energy sector to zero-carbon by the second half of this century.
To achieve a clean transformation and limit climate change energy-related CO2 emissions must be abated. On the other hand, transition has to be tested on affordability in order to grant access to energy to everyone at a decent cost.
For sure, energy transition will be enabled by smart technologies, digital evolution, policy and market frameworks, and above all, by a new way of thinking and act, toward a holistic and synergic shared view.

Invited speakers:

Stefano Campanari, Polytechnic University of Milano

Andrea Contin, University of Bologna, Campus of Ravenna

Francesca Verga, Polytechnic University of Torino



Pubblicato il: 09 giugno 2021