Use of University Spaces and Promotion of the University's Image for student associations or groups of students

What to do in case of use of spaces by student associations (recognised/accredited or non-recognised/non-accredited) or groups of at least 15 students regularly enrolled at the University.
  • Student associations (recognised/accredited or non-recognised/non-accredited) or groups of at least 15 students regularly enrolled at the University interested in the temporary use of spaces of the University must submit their request to the University facilities at least 15 days before the date of the event, if the request is related to internal spaces;
  • If the request is related to external spaces (squares, porticoes, covered walkways and outdoor areas in general), the request will have to be submitted even more in advance, since, in this case, the authorisations of other parties (Municipality, Superintendence, etc.) will be needed, which may require varying deadlines for issuing the final authorisation. In particular, any students interested in using an open space must submit a request to the Municipality and/or the competent Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape to issue authorisations/licences/permits in accordance with the procedures set forth by the latter. Such administrative acts will enable public property to be occupied and the activities provided for by the initiative to be carried out (public performance and/or open to the public; occupation of public property with a gazebo, information booths, use of public easement areas and of areas of historical, artistic and architectural interest).
  • Student associations (recognised/non-recognised; accredited/non-accredited)must always prove to be properly constituted;
  • A group consisting of at least 15 students that is not an associationand intends to request the use of a university space will have to, through its representative:
    - prove that each member is regularly enrolled at the University of Bologna (enrolled in courses or not aligned with the programme) and submit copies of the documents attesting such regularity to the Facility that manages the requested space;
    - when requesting spaces, declare (also by attaching a list of names) their personal details and those of other students including name, surname, date and place of birth, tax code, address, matriculation number, and indicate the representative of the group that the Head of the facility involved can contact for any material obligations (delivery/pick-up of keys, any payments, etc.).
    - formalise the request with the joint signatures of all members of the group, since the group itself has no formal representativeness. In implementation of the principles of the Italian Civil Code, each member shall be jointly and severally liable for any fact or event that will happen during the initiative.
  • In the case of simultaneous requests, priority will be given to those coming from recognised or accredited student associations or cooperatives;
  • The request of spaces must always receive written authorisation and is free of charge if it takes place during the opening hours of the premises; otherwise, expenses must be paid out-of-pocket for surveillance and extra cleaning;
  • Authorisation to use the space shall be granted with a letter signed by the Head of the facility in which the space is assigned;
  • It is compulsory for the association or group of applicant students to take charge, on their own responsibility and at their own expense, also of communications with Public Safety Authorities, of the obligations provided for by the law on copyright and of any other obligations provided for by current legislation in relation to the type of event.

To request the use of university spaces, please consult the complete information, forms and contacts.