Use of University Spaces and Promotion of the University's Image

The University of Bologna lets out spaces, classrooms and boardrooms to external organisations for conferences, seminars, film discussion groups, conferences and competitions/selection events, as well as for the staging of exhibitions and photo and film shoots.

The temporary use of spaces of the University of Bologna—up to a maximum of 29 days per year—is governed by special  Regulations [.docx], issued with DR 1191/2015 and later updated with DR 1084/2016, the main points of which are summarised below:

  • Priority to use these areas is given to institutional activities, but third parties may temporarily use the areas available to the University provided that their use is compatible with the University's image;
  • the application must be made via email at least 30 days before the start date of the event to the facilities in which the spaces are located (Departments/Administrative Divisions/Campuses).
  • Anyone who wants to made a requests to use the external spaces of the University (squares, porticoes, covered walkways and outdoor areas in general) must have the authorisation from other competent parties (Municipality, Superintendence, etc.). The applicant must apply and directly obtain such authorisations/licences/permits from the parties in charge, and the University may give its consent only after these are submitted. For this reason, the deadline for issuing the final authorisation may vary;
  • if the requests is made by associations/cooperatives recognised by the University of Bologna, or by group of at least 15 students enrolled at the University of Bologna, in addition to information provided in this page, it is possible to read the specific information;
  • the application must contain essential information about the initiative and the applicant, such as: type of space required, days and times required, capacity, type and content of the initiative, target audience, confirmed or provisional programme of the event, any speakers and/or distinguished guests and personalities, any installations and their position shown on location plans, schedule for the installation and deinstallation and the restoration of the status quo ante; necessary equipment and technical services, including those provided by third parties, and any organising agency/office. If the required information necessary to start the authorisation process is not provided, the application will be inadmissible;
  • the application must also contain the name and contact details of the organiser's liaison, who will be contacted within a short time to provide other information required to evaluate the request;
  • since the deeds with which the University grants use of the areas are adopted according to rules of private law, the procedure followed to assess the request does not fall under application of Italian Law 241/90, and the request is referred to the final assessment of the University; 
  • for photographs and videos for journalistic purposes, simply send an email request to the University’s Press Office with the following information: areas and/or assets to be photographed/filmed; content, purposes, and destination of the images or videos; days and times in which the shooting will take place; any set up and/or equipment positioning required for the shooting;
  • after the application is approved, a contract will be signed or a letter of authorisation will be issued; the contract signing or the issuance of the letter of authorisation must occur at least 7 working days before the event/show and will represent the final and necessary act that authorises the event itself;
  • the use of spaces is subject to payment; the list of charges [.docx 33 KB] [.docx] is drawn up according to the type/size of the space and the nature and scope of the initiative. The Regulations (Art. 8) specify the applicable charge in each case, divided into ordinary or concessionary rates depending on the type of event. For each contract concluded based on the ordinary rate, an administrative surcharge of €50.00 will be applied;
  • the application for temporary use of spaces for staging photo or film shoots, multimedia displays or other special events such as exhibitions is evaluated by the Promotion and Communication Services Office (SSRD) as regards the dissemination of the University's image; the use and dissemination of wordings that refer to Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna, the University Institutional Brand and the Facility Institutional Brand must be expressly authorised; 
  • any exhibition activity and promotional information is permitted within the scope of conventions and conferences, subject to the prior authorisation of the Communication Department (SSRD);
  • application for temporary use of spaces must also be submitted in the case of sponsored events
  • the use of University spaces for events and initiatives promoted by political movements and parties is not permitted.

Using an area for more than 29 days during the year is not one of the cases provided for by the Regulations, and may be authorised only by the University Board of Governors subject to preliminary investigation.

The applicant is responsible for communications to the Law Enforcement Agencies; the obligations set out in copyright legislation; the other obligations set out in the regulations in force regarding the type of event. These obligations include the permits to be requested of the local Bodies (e.g., Municipality) when the space is subject to public easement, or when it is requested in order to hold public performance or public entertainment events in areas open to the public. For those areas subject to artistic, historical, and architectural restrictions, authorisation by the Italian Cultural Heritage Department territorially competent (Soprintendenza per i Beni Culturali) is also required.


For information on the areas available and their use, please contact:

  • ASB - Settore Gestione servizi e programmazione spazi - if the space is managed by the General Administration. In this case the use of space authorization (letter / contract) will be issued by the head of Area Servizi Bologna - ASB.
  • ACCF - Settore Affari generali e servizi al personale Cesena and Forlì - Ufficio Affari Generali e Servizi al Personale of Cesena, if the space is managed by Cesena Campus.
  • ACCF - Settore Affari generali e servizi al personale Cesena and Forlì - Ufficio Affari Generali e Servizi al Personale of Forlì -, if the space is managed by Forlì Campus.
  • ACRR - Settore Servizi contabili e amministrativi - Ufficio Convenzioni e gestione patrimonio - if the space is managed by Ravenna Campus.
  • ACRR - Settore Affari generali e servizi al personale - Ufficio Segreteria di Campus e rapporti istituzionali - mail if the space is managed by Rimini Campus.
  • the head of the university facility (e.g. Department Director, Head of Administrative Division, etc.) to which the space is assigned (e.g. Department, Administrative Division). In this case please contact the relevant contact person for the facility concerned. 

For authorisation for use of the University Institutional Brand please contact:

For authorisation for use of the Facility Institutional Brand please contact:

  • the Head of the Facility (e.g. Campus Coordinator, Department Director, etc.)

For authorisation for photo shoots, film shoots or other special initiatives and for the use and dissemination of wordings that refer to the University, please contact:

For information on news reports , television and radio shots, please contact: