Gender equality plan 2017-2020

The Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is a fundamental action of the PLOTINA Project “Promoting Gender Balance and Inclusion in Research, Innovation and Training” granted under the Horizon 2020 financial

programme of the European Commission (Grant Agreement No. 666008) and coordinated by Prof. Tullia Gallina Toschi of the University of Bologna.

PLOTINA aims to: promote career development of both female and male researchers to prevent waste of talents, particularly for women, who more often drop out their career; improve decision-making by addressing gender imbalances to meet new opportunities for excellence; incorporate the sex/gender dimension variable in research, especially

where it is traditionally not applied; ensure diversification of views and methodologies in research and teaching; stimulate a gender awareness culture change.

The University of Bologna has supported the design of the GEP even in the context of its adhesion to Agenda 2030 issued by the United Nations, aimed at contributing to the achievement of future Sustainable Development.