Social Responsibility Report 2021

The 2021 Social Responsibility Report, now in its tenth edition, is aimed at contributing to the transparency of the relationship and sense of responsibility that binds the various internal and external communities of the Alma Mater.

The 2021 Social Responsibility Report provides an overview of the firm and ongoing commitment of the Alma Mater in a year in which the pandemic continued to heavily affect our actions and our lives. Said commitment can be seen in the growth of investment by the university into research, teaching and third mission, the rise in the number of students, including international students, at all the Multicampus sites, the increase in teachers and professional staff and in the increase in construction funding to complete and redevelop the existing structures.

In particular, in 2021 the Alma Mater's unwavering commitment to supporting the students of our community to ensure that they completed their studies on time was rewarded by the student communities, with an extraordinarily high number of undergraduate, postgraduate, specialisation and doctoral degrees awarded. It is a clear indication of how our community was able to communicate and act cohesively, despite the objective difficulties.

For this incredible commitment, I would like to thank the beating heart of the university, which is comprised of all of its constituent communities, the students, professional staff and teachers whose work continues to generate the fundamental know-how, knowledge and skills that are the distinguishing hallmark of the Alma Mater.

Giovanni Molari
Rector of the University of Bologna