Support research in the subject fields

In supporting university research you may choose from five broad areas.

Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

University researchers are engaged in a constant quest to achieve results impacting on health, the economy, production and the local territory. Their results enhance development and technological innovation in agriculture, food science and veterinary medicine – services that are of public utility.



To improve patients’ lives by discovering new clinical and diagnostic methods and pushing back the boundaries of medical knowledge: that is the goal of our University researchers. A task that engages them day after day, in liaison with national and international research units and a general pooling of results.



To discover and interpret the world so as to further knowledge; to provide new solutions enhancing the quality of life; and to make technological development possible: these are the targets of the university researchers in scientific subjects.


Social field

Social and legal policy, the economy of profit and non-profit, analysing the social repercussions of the theories and practices of various disciplines on society: these are the main frontiers for university researchers to explore in economics, law, institutions and social relations.



The arts, literature, history, the cultural heritage: humanistic knowledge joins hands with technical and scientific knowledge in a critical analysis of the changing of a manifold human heritage. This is the challenge that researchers face in the University’s humanistic departments.