Friends of the Goidanich Library

The idea of searching for donations similar to "distance adoptions" for books and magazines for University research is inspired by much more than a lack of internal funds caused by the economic crisis.

It involves searching for a friend, providing information on one's own role, possibilities, identity and usefulness to the local area: much more than a request for money.

The "Friends of the Gabriele Goidanich Library" project was founded in early 2007 upon the initiative of a lecturer of agriculture, Prof. Sergio Conti, in conjunction with Library personnel and in collaboration with the President of the Faculty of Agriculture.

A delightfully simple project which foresees a donation request (of any amount) to companies, with the purpose of purchasing books and magazines, submitted as an opportunity to "adopt" a book to make it known and studied in virtue of its scientific usefulness, thus keeping the bibliographic heritage up to date.

The initiative was shared and supported by numerous enterprises, proof of their sensitivity on the theme of the spreading of culture.

They have been rewarded in terms of visibility as their donation is mentioned on donated books and on the dedicated page online.

In some cases donations consist of IT equipment which is also extremely useful to the library.

In other cases companies have demonstrated a personal commitment by searching for further donors, thus creating a network of relations interested in this worthy cause.

The agronomic magazine "L'informatore agrario" has also written about the Friends of the Library, thus spreading the word to sector professionals throughout Italy.