Technical and administrative staff council

University body with consultational functions, without prejudice to the prerogatives of the Director General and the matters reserved for collective bargaining.

In this regard the Technical and Administrative Staff Council:

  • expresses its opinion concerning the University's 3-year programming document regarding the organisation of the administration and services;
  • expresses its opinion on the three-year programming of technical and administrative staff resources;
  • expresses its opinion concerning the annual training plan and the professional training of technical and administrative staff;
  • expresses its opinion on the General University Regulation for the parts concerning technical and administrative staff;
  • proposes an external member of the Board of Governors according to the provisions of art. 7 paragraph 5 letter d) of the Statute.

Is appointed by Rectoral Decree and is composed of 24 members.

Composition of the Technical and administrative staff council

Baldassarre Maurizio  

Bellettato Cecilia  

Brumat Stefano  

Bugani Simone  

Calienni Maria  

Caraccio Giuseppina

Carli Roberto 

Carrino Ilaria

Coppola Annunziata  

Cusimano Giuseppe  

Di Persio Federico Daniel

Domenicucci Filippo

Fazio Sabrina

Ferroni Lucia  

Guidelli Guidi Lorenzo Simone

Losi Liliana  

Marchionni Cosetta  

Mengoli Lorena  

Merloni Giuseppe  

Modarelli Rosa  

Negroni Andrea  

Quattrini Erik Marino

Vasina Valentina

Zambonin Laura