Teaching Evaluation Observatory

With the Teaching Evaluation Observatory, the University of Bologna provides an important tool to guarantee the quality of its activities, supporting the consistency of the behaviour of individuals and the objectives of the institution.


The Teaching Evaluation Observatory is a collegiate board established on 13 March 2018. Its primary task is to create and update guiding criteria, principles and methods for the evaluation of educational activities. 
These criteria are based on international evaluation standards and are coherent with those adopted domestically by the Italian National Agency for Evaluation of the University and Research System (ANVUR), and, more specifically, with the set of indicators adopted by the self-assessment, evaluation and accreditation system (AVA).
Based on predefined criteria approved by the university’s academic bodies, the Observatory evaluates the quality, quantity, and results produced by Alma Mater professors and researchers. If compatible, it could be extended to temporary or short-term personnel. For its evaluations, the Observatory uses specific indicators, including the opinion of students gathered through a survey provided by ANVUR and through other analyses.  
Evaluation results may be used by relevant bodies and departments in order to define the criteria that inspire and train teachers and research staff on strategies for the development of innovative didactic methods.
For a full description of its scope, see the Teaching Evaluation Observatory Regulations (in Italian) issued by Rector’s Decree n. 337/2018 of 05/03/2018, effective as of 15 March 2018. The text of the decree was published in the Official University Bulletin, no. 255 of 15/05/2018.


The Teaching Evaluation Observatory is chaired by the Rector or, by proxy, by the Vice Rector for teaching. It is composed of ten teaching members and two student members. The teaching staff members are chosen from the full and associate professors of the University of Bologna (at least three of which are based on the Campuses of Romagna) in relation to their teaching experience, within the different types of didactic methods, and from among those who received good student evaluations, all while ensuring an adequate gender representation. The students are nominated by the Student Council, chosen among the members of the Council itself.
Teacher members:

Students members:

  • Miss Elisabetta Bondi
  • Miss Magdalena Medrzycka