SSRD - University Information Professional Coordination Unit - Press Office

Monica Lacoppola




To coordinate and manage the provision of information about the University to the press on the basis of guidelines set by the Rector and governing bodies in such a way as to ensure the maximum degree of transparency, clarity and promptness, and to oversee the management of the online UniboMagazine, attending to its positioning in the publishing scenario and its relations with both internal and external information sources.


Main activities

  • coordinating, planning and managing the provision of information to the press in collaboration with the Rector and heads of administration;
  • promoting institutional events, initiatives and projects in the media;
  • handling relations with the campuses (Forlì, Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini), schools, departments and administration offices as regards communication and promotion in the media;
  • gathering information about teaching and research and other initiatives in the University and disseminating it to the national and international press;
  • highlighting University research and excellence activities in the media;
  • writing and disseminating press releases (local, national and international) and organising press conferences;
  • handling relations with the media and looking after contact databases;
  • attending to institutional communication initiatives in agreement with the Contracts and General Administration Division;
  • attending to the practical activities involved in the production of the University press review;
  • producing features on events involving the University and handling relations with public and private organisations, the Italian press and telecommunications authorities and the media;
  • managing and attending to University press activities related to UniboMagazine;
  • compiling news items about University life and disseminating them through institutional channels;
  • ensuring the development of printed and multimedia press activities with the use of suitable formats that take into account both the life cycle of the news items themselves and the internal/external relations, acting as a source for the mass media;
  • designing and planning the evolution of the magazine with functional, technological and organisational actions aimed at broadening the range of the news coverage and increasing the multimediality of forms, the degree of personalisation and the interactivity;
  • managing the UniboMagazine social media channel (Twitter) and taking part in the pilot scheme for extending the use of social media in the University;
  • attending to the UniboMagazine video section;
  • coordinating the operational units and/or groups with analogous and complementary spheres of activity.