DIRI - Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Western Balkans Geographical Unit

Filippo Sartor


Romina Veronica Germana Kniaz

Deputy Coordinator



Managing relations, projects and mobility flows from/to the countries in the Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Western Balkans.


Main activities

Agreement Management

  • Negotiating and stipulating University Agreements with foreign partners;
  • providing support to University structures (Schools and Departments) for the stipulation of Sector Agreements;
  • managing hospitality activities for the delegations arriving from the geographical area of competence;
  • analysing and monitoring existing agreements and their relevant activities, in order to identify any aspects that require improving, potentiating or removing, and to identify new forms of collaboration;
  • participating in area events organised by the EU, international networks or relevant parties in the geographical area of reference.

Incoming and Outgoing Mobility Management

  • Managing the activities connected with the mobility of teachers, students and technical and administrative staff within the scope of University Agreements or in the framework of other projects financed by the EU or by other public or private parties. Overseeing relationships with financing partners, carrying out the actions foreseen by each specific agreement and/or project, coordinating the activities with other University Structures involved in the mobility process;
  • collaborating with the Division's competent Units to harmonise outgoing mobility procedures and set the guidelines to manage the administration of mobility periods (learning agreement, recognition procedures; registration procedures in the students' careers);
  • managing the appointment process for incoming exchange students and ensuring information and hospitality services for international incoming users, facilitating the coordination between the University structures involved. Supporting the development of services for incoming mobility and the creation of guidelines and documents useful for this purpose.

Development and Management of Internationalisation Projects

  • Supporting the development of internationalisation projects involving the geographical area of reference – including joint study programmes, summer schools, structured mobility programmes, cooperation and development projects – by providing data, analysis and expertise;
  • providing planning support to structures that intend to present projects that focus on the geographical area of reference;
  • providing project management support, especially in reference to developing a sustainability plan, disseminating results, exchanges with other University initiatives, managing partnerships, executing projects translation, participating in project meetings, when required;
  • carrying out networking activities to participate in project management consortia within the programmes of reference of the geographical area.

Information Collection and Data Analysis

  • Regularly organising and overseeing data analysis in order to identify synergies between initiatives, strengths, areas that require potentiating and ideas to develop new projects;
  • studying and analysing higher education systems and the country systems relevant to the geographical area of reference and organising the data collected in a readable format.