DIRI - International Desk

Paola Candotti




Managing activities regarding international students' access to courses of all different levels; temporary access to the University of Bologna by international teachers, scholars and researchers; hospitality of international exchange students; developing services designed for all types of international students.


Main activities

  • Providing hospitality services to enrolling international students and other international users (visiting professors, researchers and scholars);
  • ensuring administrative support for the enrolment of all types of international students (including enrolment in single course units), organising and overseeing compliance aspects and communication with the other public bodies involved (Diplomats, Police Authorities);
  • providing the competent offices with justified opinions in relation to international students' motivations, value and validity of their degrees, residence permits and other documents provided by the students in order to access the degree programmes;
  • supporting the Student Administration Offices and Master Office in their relations with international students and to manage the relevant procedures, including by setting any guidelines;
  • providing information with regard to the Italian University system, the University of Bologna's organisation and Programme Catalogue, entering Italy, access to the University, for EU and non-EU students, and to the services offered by the University of Bologna and the regional bodies (right to higher education, Italian language courses, accommodation, heath assistance, etc.);
  • facilitating relations between students and visiting professors/researchers/scholars and Italian Diplomatic Representatives with regard to pre-enrolment procedures and visa request to enter Italy;
  • supporting the structures responsible for teaching and degree programmes to define the quota of places reserved to international students and for all activities connected to recruiting international students and the services designed for them; managing ministerial databases in relation to the quota of reserved places;
  • supporting university structures in relation to activities to host visiting professors/researchers/students;
  • overseeing the evolution of regulations regarding immigration, with specific reference to: visas and residence permits, access to Italian universities, health assistance and other duties foreign citizens must comply with;
  • keeping in contact with Police Authorities, Governmental Territorial Offices and Employment Departments to manage and monitor the procedures regarding the entrance and residence in Italy of students and visiting professors/researchers/scholars;
  • organising and overseeing the pages of the University's website dedicated to international students and other international users;
  • managing and overseeing the economic benefits (tax exemptions and scholarships) and services for international students and other international users, also in collaboration with the University structures and external bodies (right to higher education, Italian language courses, accommodation, health assistance, etc.);
  • coordinating the operative activities of the "Marco Polo" national project for Chinese students;
  • overseeing the process by which the Italian Government grants scholarships to international students and managing the relevant payments.

Exchange Students Hospitality

  • Organising and overseeing the web pages dedicated to incoming exchange students;
  • managing the administrative process in relation to incoming mobility, from the students' arrival to their departure, preparing any relevant documents and arranging any services in collaboration with other structures inside and outside the University (Italian language courses, accommodation, health assistance, etc.).