DIRI - European Area Unit

Carmela Tanzillo




Managing international relations, projects and mobility flow of students and staff (teachers and technical administrative staff) from/to the countries in the European area.


Main activities

Erasmus+ European Mobility Programme Management

  • Managing the funding requests to the Erasmus+ National Agency and reporting on the funds obtained to carry out mobility activities for students and teachers and technical and administrative staff, respectively for study and internship, teaching and training purposes;
  • managing relations with the Erasmus+ National Agency to organise and monitor activities in relation to student, teacher and technical and administrative staff mobility;
  • coordinating reporting activities in connection with EU funding for the mobility managed by the offices of the sector.

Agreement Management

  • Negotiating and executing the Framework Agreements with foreign partners, in compliance with University and Erasmus+ programme regulations, and providing administrative support for the approval of Framework Agreements by University Bodies;
  • advising University structures on the content and stipulation of Sector Agreements and assisting during the approval process of Sector Agreements by the bodies of the structure;
  • meeting delegations from partner Universities from the geographical area of reference;
  • collaborating with the Division Staff Office in the activities to harmonise agreement management;
  • collaborating in activities organised by the international networks the University is involved with in the geographical area of reference;
  • analysing existing agreements and monitoring their relevant activities, in order to identify any aspects that require improving, potentiating or removing, and to identify possible new forms of collaboration.

Management of Incoming and Outgoing Student and Staff Mobility 

  • Managing the activities connected with the mobility of staff (teachers and technical and administrative staff, if applicable) and students, within the scope of Framework Agreements;
  • setting the guidelines for the administrative management of student mobility (learning agreement, recognition procedures; registration procedures in the students' careers) in collaboration with other University Divisions and Offices involved;
  • harmonising outgoing mobility processes and procedures in collaboration with the competent Units of the Division.

Data Collection and Processing

  • Collecting and organising data in relation to University and Structure (Schools and Departments) activities in the geographical area of reference;
  • regularly organising and overseeing data analysis in order to identify synergies between initiatives, strengths, areas that require potentiating and ideas to develop new projects;
  • organising themed meetings and events to promote aggregation between groups that work on initiatives involving the geographical area of reference;
  • studying and analysing higher education systems and the country systems relevant to the geographical area of reference and organising the data collected in a readable format;
  • collaborating with the international Desk to analyse the scenarios regarding international student recruitment;
  • organising and overseeing exchange of information and coordination activities between the departments involved in the Research and Technology Transfer Division.