DIRI - Division Staff Office

Basilio Lamberti




Providing support to the manager for the coordination of the activities carried out by the Units and Offices of the Division in relation to the levels of service, mobility selection and management procedures, agreement characteristics, general rules and internal financial and administrative regulations; managing the Division budget and providing support to manage project budgets; overseeing administrative activities and IT and support procedures in the Division.


Main activities

  • Providing support to the manager with regard to agreement management coordination and standardisation, in collaboration with all competent Units in the Division;
  • coordinating the activities in connection with the initiatives organised by the international networks with which the University is involved, in collaboration with the other Units in the Division;
  • coordinating the Division activities designed for the Departments, Schools and Campuses in connection with mobility, projects and strengthening the international dimension;
  • organising and overseeing the distribution and assignment of the funds to support the University's internationalisation initiatives;
  • providing support to the manager for the coordination and standardisation of rules, procedures, time lines and information support in relation to outgoing mobility, in collaboration with the competent Units of the International Relations Division;
  • managing the Division budget, liaising with the Control and Finance Division in relation to budget variations in all the Division’s Units of responsibility;
  • coordinating the accounting and administrative management of projects managed by the individual areas of the International Relations Division;
  • organising and overseeing the purchasing procedures of goods and services for the entire Division;
  • preparing the data relevant to the University's international dimension and collaborating in the preparation of the statistical analysis requested by the Evaluation Group of the University, the Ministries, the Region and other national and international Bodies;
  • collaborating with the Centre for Development for the Development and management of University Computer Services  the development and alignment of the University information systems in relation to internationalisation;
  • overseeing the communication activities of the Division and coordinating English communications; collaborating with the other competent Divisions of the University in relation to web communications;
  • supporting the Secretariat of the Pro-rector for International Relations and coordinating with its staff;
  • supporting the manager with regard to the collaboration with the University's language centre in relation to the activities in support of international mobility;
  • organising and overseeing relations with student associations involved in international activities;
  • overseeing and coordinating the logistics for the International Relations Division for the use of the reception hall and aspects regarding ordinary maintenance and safety;
  • ensuring compliance with the regulations on transparency, anti-corruption, privacy, administrative procedures, registering and filing of documents, by coordinating the activities of the other division in the area;
  • organising and overseeing administrative tasks in connection with the management of area personnel (new arrivals, attendance/absences, luncheon vouchers, working hours, holidays, assignments, sickness, authorisations, etc.);
  • providing support to the manager during the initial stages of the University's strategic projects.