DIRI – European Programmes for Education and Training Unit

Francesco Girotti




Ensuring the flow of communication and providing advise and support to University structures with regard to the participation in calls for applications to European education and training programmes, providing support to manage funded projects and monitor funding opportunities.


Main activities

Internal and External Data Collection and Analysis:

  • Systematizing data referring to the presentation and funding of European projects, in agreement with the other University Divisions and Offices involved, in order to harmonise analysis tools;
  • annually analysing the projects presented by UNIBO and by Italian and European partners, in order to identify trends, form collaboration groups and facilitate future planning;
  • building a quality system to catalogue the activities carried out and organising meetings with teachers and technical and administrative staff;
  • constantly managing the updates on European policies on higher education;
  • taking part in informative initiatives and divulgation events organised by the main funders.


  • providing and divulging information and advising on funds available for learning internationalisation projects, in collaboration with the competent Units in the Division;
  • setting the service guidelines by identifying supported programmes and the procedures to present projects, in collaboration with the competent Units in the Division.


  • Providing information and advise to University structures (Schools and Departments) with regard to the participation in calls for applications for internationalisation projects funded by the EU and other national and international bodies;
  • providing planning support to University structures that intend to present projects;
  • ensuring the participation in projects focused on the University's essential activities;
  • liaising with the Directorates-General of the European Commission, the Executive Agencies and partner Universities, during the planning stages.

Project Management Support to University Structures  

  • Providing advise during the negotiation and contract-preparation stages of approved internationalisation projects;
  • providing project management support, with particular reference to project management procedures, development of sustainability plans, result dissemination, exchange of ideas with other University initiatives, partnership management, project execution;
  • providing support to execute projects, with particular reference to the interaction with activities carried out by other University divisions (including for example: applying credits to learning activities, creating e-learning platforms, placements, developing third-cycle programmes, developing agreements for joint programmes);
  • regularly meeting project coordinators to identify common solutions to propose to the University structures in order to consolidate and to resolve common issuers in relation to the project management;
  • providing advise to project coordinators in relation to partnership management;
  • providing support to University coordinators to manage the administrative and financial aspects of projects.

Management of Internal Projects  

  • Coordinating the harmonisation of project management and financial management procedures, seeking the involvement of the competent Units in the Division;
  • developing structural and management projects, or projects relevant to the services offered, getting involved directly through division staff and also taking care of their financial management and reporting;
  • providing financial management (in all income and expense stages) and reporting on funding relevant to the internationalisation projects managed directly.