DIRI - International Relations Division


Giovanna Filippini

Head of Administrative Division




The Division’s mission is to support international relations, coordinating teaching internationalisation activities within the University, and act as liaison with the different internal and external parties embracing a Multicampus approach.


Main Activities

  • Promoting teaching internationalisation activities in collaboration with Academic Structures, by coordinating the management processes of international mobility.
  • Communicating and advising the University on international and cooperation and development programmes within teaching and training areas.
  • Monitoring funding opportunities.
  • Managing and reporting on national and European funding and supporting the University in these activities.
  • Managing incoming and outgoing student mobility in relation to study and internship activities.
  • Managing incoming and outgoing teachers and administrative staff mobility in relation to teaching and on-the-job-training activities.
  • Managing conventions and agreements stipulated by the University with international partners, in order to improve the programme catalogue.
  • Coordinating international initiatives and the University’s subjects of interest in the geographical areas of competence.
  • Analysing internationalisation matters in detail by engaging with international partners and participating in innovative projects.
  • Promoting cooperation between universities on an international level and supporting initiatives to improve the structure of the university system (governance, funding system, etc.).
  • Managing the desk for incoming international students and researchers;
  • Managing mobility and co-tutorship cooperation agreements in order to promote international mobility of young researchers;
  • Promoting internationalization of PhD programmes through cooperation agreements and other project activities.