Logo and aegis of the School of Medicine

New guidelines from the Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors has issued new guidelines regarding the University’s official backing of events.

In order for an external event to take place under the aegis of the School of Medicine, it is to be acknowledged by the School as worthy for cultural, scientific and social promotion purposes. Such events must be of particular interest to the School and may (or may not) include academics of the University of Bologna.

If you wish to submit a request, please fill in the “modulo patrocinio” form and email it to medicina.organi@unibo.it, cc’ing segrettore@unibo.it.

If the School agrees to the request, the external organizer may then use the name of the School with the following wording: “Under the aegis of the School of Medicine – Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna.”

In addition, use of the School’s logo is possible if:

  • the School (or one of its divisions) is directly involved in the event;
  • academics of the University of Bologna are taking part in the event;
  • the event is organized by a student association recognized by the University of Bologna.



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