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Blended teaching activities also during the second semester of the 2021/22 a.y.

The University of Bologna, to ensure students can continue their normal study activities, will offer blended teaching activities also during the second semester of the 2021/22 academic year.

Therefore, lectures of first and second cycle degree programmes and single cycle degree programmes will be accessible in person and online.

Students who wish to attend in person will have to book lectures via the “Presente” app to ensure their presence can be traced and to avoid crowding in lecture rooms. Lecture rooms and laboratories will be open at maximum capacity. Students should only book lectures they intend to attend and cancel bookings with as much notice as possible.

In-presence lectures are held in compliance with applicable regulations and safety protocols

More information on "Presente"

More information on lectures, in presence and online

Green COVID-19 certification

Students will be required to have the green COVID-19 certification in order to participate in teaching and curricular activities. The mandatory COVID-19 green certification does not apply to those who are exempt from the vaccination campaign on the basis of appropriate medical certification issued according to the criteria defined by the Ministry of Health.

Said obligation involves all in-presence teaching and curricular activities – for example, lectures, exams, laboratory work, internships, final dissertation sessions, tutoring and meetings with teachers, and any connected activities, including but not limited to access to libraries, study rooms, laboratories, events, exhibitions, conferences, etc.

The procedures for verifying possession of the COVID-19 green certification will be communicated as soon as available.

The validity of COVID-19 green certificates is checked randomly using the VerifcaC-19 national app.

More information on Green Pass and COVID-19 vaccination

In-person exams

From approximately 1 February 2022 (subject to Degree Programme calendar reorganizations), written and oral exams will be held mainly in person.

Until 31 May 2022, the following students may be exempt from attending exams in person:

  • international students in enrolment;
  • Erasmus and Overseas students and students on other mobility programmes (incoming and outgoing);
  • commuter students (resident in a Municipality from which the commute via public transport to the campus where their programme is delivered takes more than 90 minutes);
  • students with disabilities or who are ill or in quarantine.

On the Studenti Online platform, students will be able to self-declare which of the above-mentioned categories they fall into. Declarations are valid for 15 days and can be renewed. Teachers will be notified via the AlmaEsami platform of any students entitled to be exonerated from taking the exam in person.

Instructions for taking online exams

In-person graduations

From 1 February 2022, final examinations will be taken in person, with the sole exception of students with disabilities or who are ill or in quarantine.

Dissertation discussions will be open to guests, the number of which is determined by each Department based on logistics and organisation requirements; in any case, each student will be able to invite minimum three guests. No maximum limit applies to the number of participants who can attend remotely.

When requested, all guests will have to show a COVID-19 Super Green Pass or a medical exemption certificate. As a rule, the committee is present in the exam room. 

Teacher office hours

Teachers may meet students either in person or online. In-person meetings must be by appointment only.


In line with the provisions regarding lectures, curricular internships and internships for final examination and professional training, internal and external, may be carried out in presence, remotely and in blended format, following the instructions provided by the relevant degree programme and Department. For further information, please see the website of your degree programme

Regione Emilia-Romagna allows postgraduate internships to take place in presence, remotely and in blended format, providing that the promoter, the company/host entity, and the intern all agree.

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