Lessons, Exams, Internships


From 5 November, in-presence lectures will be available only for learning and curricular activities relevant to the first year of degree programmes (three-year, Master’s, and single-cycle degree programmes) and for laboratory activities, independently of the degree programme year. All learning activities will be available online as scheduled.

In person classes will be taught in accordance with regulatory requirements and safety protocols

To manage the capacity of each classroom in the best possible way, students must schedule the classes they plan to attend in two-week periods, specifying the attendance mode using the “Presente” service.

More information on "Presente"

How to join a virtual classroom to attend online classes



Both written and oral exams can be taken either in person or online, depending on the mode chosen by the teacher, but it will always be possible to take the exams online.

Instructions for taking online exams


Final examinations

Starting from Wednesday 11 November 2020, final examinations and ceremonies will take place only in remote mode.


Teacher office hours

Students should be received preferably online. They may be received in presence only for good reasons. In these cases, teachers will plan appointments with individual students in advance.



Internships can be carried out remotely. Internal and external curricular internships, for final examinations and professionalisation, will be able to resume only with the authorisation of the Department of which the degree programme is part. For further information, please see the website of your degree programme.  

For post-graduate internships, in addition to the option of starting or continuing activities remotely, Regione Emilia-Romagna allows activities to resume on site, providing that the promoter, the company/host entity and the intern all agree. 
More information about Internships