Lessons, Exams, Internships

Lectures during a.y. 2022/23

First Cycle, Second Cycle and Single Cycle Degree Programmes

During a.y. 2022/23, lectures for First Cycle, Second Cycle and Single Cycle Degree Programmes will be held with students attending in person.

Some degree programmes may schedule a limited number of learning activities to be held in hybrid mode (in-person and online attendance).  

Unless otherwise disposed by authorities, lecture rooms and labs will be open to full capacity.

For further information, please check the website of your degree programme

PhD Degree Programmes, Specialization Schools, Master’s Degrees, and Postgraduate Professional Training Courses

PhD Degree Programme, Specialization School, Master’s Degree, and Postgraduate Professional Training Course lectures may be held in hybrid mode.

For further information, please see the website of the relevant programme.

Lectures at the CLA- University Language Centre

Language learning activities at the CLA – University Language Centre may be held with students present, in hybrid mode, or remotely. For further information, please visit the CLA website.

Safety training courses

Safety at work training courses for students may be offered online (e-learning or live video conference) or with students present.
For further information, please check the website of your degree programme

COVID-19 Green Pass

A COVID-19 Green Pass is no longer required when attending learning and curricular activities in person. It remains mandatory only to access healthcare facilities.

Use of face masks (respiratory protective equipment)

The use of face masks on university premises is recommended in all indoor environments. Please be reminded of the importance of wearing FFP2 respiratory protective equipment indoors in all situations that do not allow to keep a safe distance from others (approx. 1 metre), or in environments with poor ventilation.

In-person exams

From 1 June 2022 exams will be held in person.

Teachers will assess student requests to take exams online taking into consideration health conditions, international mobility issues, and impediments due to extraordinary reasons. Instructions for taking online exams.

Ukrainian students who are enrolled in a.y. 2021/22 and close to graduation shall have the right to take exams online until 31 March 2023.

In-person graduations

Final dissertations and graduation ceremonies shall be held in person.

Students may invite a number of guests determined by each Department based on logistics and organisation requirements. No maximum limit applies to the number of participants that can attend remotely.

For health reasons students may request to take the final examination online.

Teacher office hours

Teachers may meet students either in person or online. Teachers will publish their preferred meeting mode on their website.


Internal and external curricular internships, for final examination and professional training, are carried out in person.

Internship Committees, having assessed the project as a whole, may authorise interns to carry out the internships in hybrid mode or online. 

For further information, please check the website of your degree programme