Table of qualifications required to apply for public competitions or be employed via the Provincial Employment Centres.






Initiated via the Provincial Employment Centres


Primary school leaving certificate obtained prior to Italian law no. 1859 of 31.12.1962. Completion of compulsory schooling. Middle school diploma


Competition procedures


Compulsory schooling plus an additional professional qualification


Competition procedures


Five year senior school diploma


Competition procedures


  • First Cycle Degree
  • Second Cycle Degree
  • Degree (under the previous degree system)


Competition procedures


a) Second cycle degree, degree under the previous degree system plus 4 years' specific work experience.

b) First or second cycle degree or degree under the previous degree system plus professional qualification or special professional qualification or diploma from a post-graduate specialisation school or PhD

Management staff

Competition procedures

Possession of a second cycle degree or degree under the previous degree system  (*) and in addition: 

a) public employees with at least five years' active service or, where in possession of a PhD or specialisation diploma obtained from a specialisation school listed by decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, in agreement with the Minister for Education, Universities and Research, at least three years of active service in positions that are functional for access to the post for which a degree is required. For state employees recruited by "course and competition" procedures, the period of service is reduced to four years.

b) persons holding a management qualification in public bodies or entities, not included in the field of application of art. 1, paragraph 2, of D.Lgs. 165/2001, or private organisations, holding an effective management post for at least two years;

c) those holding managerial or equivalent positions in public administrations or private organisations for an effective period of at least three years;

d) Italian nationals who have, through continuous employment for at least four years in international organisations or bodies, gained work experience in top management positions functional for access to the post for which a degree is required. 


(*) considering the post to be filled, the Administration may indicate further requirements (e.g. specific professional experience, qualifications etc.)