Fixed-term contracts

To join the University's technical and administrative staff on a fixed-term contract, you have to take part in a public competition or be registered with the employment lists of the Provincial Employment Centres. Information on the regulatory references and the procedures of authorisation and selection.

General information

Regulatory references: fixed-term employment contract.

  • Art. 36 Italian Legislative Decree 165/2001 and amendments: Recourse to flexible forms of contract are permitted in exceptional and temporary circumstances as, for its ordinary needs the PA is required to use exclusively permanent contracts of employment.
  • Art. 22 CCNL collective bargaining contract (signed on 16/10/2008): "… administrations may employ staff on a fixed-term basis in compliance with the provisions of art. 36 of D.Lgs. 165/2001 and those of D.Lgs. 368/2001, where compatible".
  • D.lgs. 368/2001: art. 1 "It is permitted to set a term for the duration of a contract of employment for reasons of a technical, production or organisational nature or for supply work, even where such positions relate to the normal activities of the employer".
  •  Finance Laws for 2006 and 2008

Authorisation procedure

Requests for fixed-term contracts of employment must be made using the web procedure, and only by Deans of Schools or University Managers. To access the service, go to  Servizio RichiestaPersonaleTAWeb and enter your institutional credentials.

Selection procedures

Once the post is authorised, the selection procedure may begin:
For the purposes of fixed-term contracts, the following procedures apply:

  • for Category B
    the University employs staff on the basis of the selection procedure initiated among the candidates registered at the competent Employment Centre, drafted pursuant to art. 16 of Italian law no. 56 of 28.02.87, holding the professional skills and other requirements laid down for access to public posts.
    Three times as many workers as the number of posts are selected according to the ranking list drafted by the competent Employment Centre.
    The selection process involves practical and aptitude tests in line with the criteria drafted by the University of Bologna, considering the tasks involved and the professional category under selection.

for higher Categories
1. A call for applications is issued by order of the Head of Personnel and Organisation.
The call is published on the University of Bologna website and may be advertised also by other suitable means.
The competition methods comply to the principles governing permanent contracts of employment.
2. Where possible, candidates are sourced from any valid ranking lists for permanent staff, from those who do not have a fixed posts (and without prejudice to any future possibility for a permanent contract).