Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism - CAST

The Center, currently running at the University of Bologna at the Rimini campus, was established at the initiative of the Faculty of Economics-Rimini, Law and Literature and Philosophy and the Departments of Business Studies, Economics and Statistical Sciences.

The aim of the  Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism is to develop interdisciplinary studies in the field of tourism, fostering the design and implementation of research, advanced teaching and consulting. In particular, the School promotes, organises and manages post-graduate learning activities, meetings, conferences, seminars and consulting and training activities.

The Center also promotes and conducts research, establishes partnerships and agreements with public and private, Italian and foreign university and research bodies and institutions, and participates in national and international research programmes and calls for the implementation of specific research and training projects.

The Center aims to further strengthen its local presence through a number of initiatives to present its activities, including a series of meetings with business associations and bodies in the Province of Rimini.

The Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism publishes the journal "Almatourism - Journal of Tourism, Culture and Territorial Development".

The journal is part of the project Vi@, an open source on-line multi-lingual and interdisciplinary journal supported by 13 European and American universities.