Cell culture plate

The invention refers to a device for cell cultures that allows to examine, in the cellular population under examination, identical morphological aspects with different resolving power using different microscopic techniques.

Patent title Cell culture plate
Thematic area Health
Inventors Sabrina Valente
Protection Italy
Licensing status Available for development agreements, option, license and other exploitation agreements
Keywords Cell culture plates, Removable bottom, Cell monolayer, In situ embedding, Transmission electron microscopy
Filed on 15 April 2019

The invention derives from the need to observe under transmission electron microscope the same morphological aspect previously observed with light microscope.

The invention refers to an in vitro cell culture plate with removable bottom that allows to cell grow in sterility and, to process and embed them for transmission electron microscopy directly in the same culture plate.


  • Cell cultures;
  • Ultrastructural analysis of cells by transmission electron microscopy;
  • Definition of the cells phenotype  or visualization of the co-expression of different membrane, cytoplasmic and nuclear antigens using appropriate labeling methods;
  • Correlation studies between light and transmission electron microscopy;
  • Study of cell - microorganism interactions.


  • Observe in transmission electron microscopy the same cells observed in light microscopy;
  • In vitro cell culture, processing and resin embedding of the same cells directly in the culture plate;
  • Resin – cells blocks with suitable size for immediate preparation of semi-fine and ultrafine sections;
  • Preserve the original ultrastructure of the cells without losing details;
  • High quality and resolution images;
  • Minimization of the morphological alterations induced by chemical, enzymatic and/or mechanical treatments.


Page published on: 18 July 2019