European and Comparative Environmental Law - cod. 8975

Academic Year 2018/2019
Code 8975
School Law
Main Department Legal Studies
Campus Ravenna
Cost € 200 (two hundred)
Starting date Jul 09, 2018
Finishing date Jul 14, 2018
Call deadline Jul 05, 2018 (Expired)
Subject area
Sociology, Economics, Law
Learning outcomes
A deep knowledge of environmental law, in a comparative perspective, with reference both to the rules applied at the European and national level and to the judicial practices in this area of the law
Number of participants
Minimum 20 Maximum 50
one week
Admission qualifications
a. First cycle degree/Bachelor or Second cycle degree/Two year Master in the following course classes: Legal services; Science of urban, landscape and anvironmental planning; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Agricolture and Forestry, Conservation of architectural and environmental heritage; Environmental Engineering; Urban and environmental planning; Environmental and Land Sciences; Environmental and cultural economics; Law; Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage; Environmental and Forestry Sciences; Architecture and Construction Engineering; Archaeology; Art History; Geography; Natural Sciences , Chemistry and Technologies for the Environment and Materials; Environmental Assessment and Management
Other degrees are also accepted, provided they are supported by qualified and documented professional experience or additional documented post-graduate training in the subjects covered by the programme.
b. Also students attending University programs in any of the above course classes are qualified to attend.
Linguistic skills
Good knowledge of the English language
Academic director
Michele Angelo Lupoi
Place of teaching
Study plan
  • General topics on the protection of the environment (EU law)

  • Public procurement with special emphasis on green procurement

  • Air and food protection

  • The protection of sea life and coastal environment

Cinzia Cortesi

Fondazione Flaminia, Via Baccarini, 27 - 48121 Ravenna; tel: 0544 34345; email: