Transnational Educational Initiative (TEI) Summer Camp

The long-term goal of this Summer School is to create a network of motivated medical students and teachers within the GAME Alliance to promote ethical thinking and application of AI in everyday medical practice and medical learning. Thus, AI may become an invaluable opportunity to future doctors.
Year 2020
Main Department Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences
Campus Bologna
Credits Programme without credits
Cost € 500 per student (includes accommodation and social tours)
Starting date Jul 20, 2020
Finishing date Jul 24, 2020
Application deadline Feb 29, 2020 (Expired)
Course overview
Throughout history, technology has always characterized the human species towards the creation of a techno-human environment where human beings and machines work together. Today, because of the growing importance and pervasiveness of artificial intelligence (AI), entirely new questions arise on this techno-human interaction. For AI proponents, it is more important than ever to frame human-machine relationships in a way that puts humans first and benefits people. This requires ethical thinking. This Summer Camp will gather motivated students with some experience in any form of AI to discuss the current and future uses of artificial intelligence in medicine, from diagnosis and imaging to designing new treatments and disease monitoring, taking advantage of an international panel of teachers. Another key aspect will be to share experiences on new applications of AI to medical learning. Students and teachers sharing their current experience with AI will learn a new method of dealing with uncertainty in medicine and will have a unique opportunity to shape their mission as physicians in the new techno-human world. ​
Subject area
Learning outcomes
Upon completing the course, participants will be able to: - Identify areas where artificial intelligence is already used in medicine and predict its future usage in medical practice, also as a tool to develop one’s own career - Discuss how to apply artificial intelligence to one’s own medical learning and training - Critically appraise present dilemmas and uncertainties through ethical thinking
Admission qualifications
2-3 motivated medical students from each of the 9 GAME universities, with some experience on any aspect of artificial intelligence. Medical students from second to fourth-year will be given priority.

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