Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Medical Education: Hype or Hope?

The second Transnational Educational Initiative (TEI) Summer Camp will be hosted by University of Bologna in the summer of 2020.
Year 2020
Main Department School of Medicine
Campus Bologna
Credits Programme without credits
Cost € 500 per student (includes accommodation and social tours)
Starting date Jul 20, 2020
Finishing date Jul 24, 2020
Application deadline Dec 31, 2019 (Expired)
Course overview
Students from member universities of the Global Alliance of Medical Excellence (GAME) are invited to join the programme to find answers to these questions: - What are the possible uses of artificial intelligence in medicine? - How can I apply artificial intelligence to my learning? - What are the ethical issues in using artificial intelligence?
Subject area
Sciences and technology, Health
Learning outcomes
Upon completing the course, participants will be able to: ​- Identify areas where artificial intelligence is already used in medicine and predict its future usage in medical practice, also as a tool to develop one’s own career - Discuss how to apply artificial intelligence to one’s own medical learning and training - Critically appraise present dilemmas and uncertainties through ethical thinking
Additional information
  • Interactive small group discussions led by students and facilitated by faculty

  • Special lectures and sharing by faculty members from the University of Bologna and other GAME Universities

  • Cultural excursions and tours 

​​Before attending the meeting, all participants are requested to prepare a 5-min TED-like talk to present their current experience with artificial intelligence in medicine and relevant emerging questions in one of these areas:

     1. potential application of AI in health practice as they see it;

     2. if and when AI should be included in curriculum;

     3. ethical considerations.

Admission qualifications
2-3 motivated medical students from each of the 9 GAME universities, with some experience on any aspect of artificial intelligence

Medical students from second to fourth-year will be given priority
Academic director
Fabrizio De Ponti

Fabrizio De Ponti

Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chirurgiche

Via Irnerio 48   Bologna (BO)


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