We Tell - Innovating Storytelling to Address Civic Awareness in the Post-Digital Age - cod. 5582 (2019)

Year 2019
Code 5582
Main Department Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures - LILEC
Campus Bologna
Credits 6 ECTS/CFU
Cost 800 (eight hundred) Euros
Starting date Jul 01, 2019
Finishing date Jul 12, 2019
Application deadline Jun 27, 2019 (Expired)
Subject area
Learning outcomes
Through the theory and practice of Performative Storytelling students will - develop civic awareness and active citizenship in a multicultural environment; - enhance their skills to recognise and deconstruct deceitful storytelling (fake news, stereotyping, manipulation; - understand how the medium affects the message and the entire communication process; - reflect on the concept of ‘post-digital’ and its implications; - acquire some knowledge of digital and traditional techniques to actively produce their own storytelling.
Number of participants
min 10 - max 20
two weeks
Admission qualifications
Applications are open to all degree students (BA, MA, MSc, PhD) of all faculties, in the Humanities, Sciences and Technology.
Priority will be granted to second- and third-cycle students (First- and Second-level Master degrees, PhD candidates). However, based on the number of places available, applications may also be open to first-cycle students.
 In this case, before registering and paying, contact the place of teaching at this e-mail address summerschool@wetell.eu;
It is also required to send a motivational letter and a curriculum vitae before registration to the email address summerschool@wetell.eu;
Academic director
Elena Lamberti
Place of teaching
Study plan
  • Welcome, introduction and practicalities. Introduction to counselling - Week 1, Day 1 - Prof. Elena Lamberti

  • Language, discourse and dissent -WEEK 1, DAY 2 - Prof. Francesco Benozzo

  • Creativity and dissent - WEEK 1, DAY 3 - Prof.Elena Lamberti

  • Activism/politics and dissent - WEEK 1, DAY 4 - Prof. Luigi Contadini

  • Ecology and dissent, WEEK 1, DAY 5 -  Prof. Elena Lamberti

  • City as Classroom -WEEK 2, DAY 1-5 - WORKHOPS 

Compulsory attendance

Place of teaching