The reception system and territorial policies: what has changed

From September 9 to 13, at the Department of Law (Campus of Ravenna), the Summer School "The reception system and territorial policies: what has changed" will be held, directed by Prof. Francesca Curi. Organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Ravenna, it provides 30 hours of lectures and laboratories with university professors, professionals and industry experts. The Summer School is in the process of accreditation at CROAS Emilia Romagna.
Year 2019
Main Department Law
Campus Ravenna
Credits Programme without credits
Cost Free
Starting date Sep 09, 2019
Finishing date Sep 13, 2019
Application deadline Sep 08, 2019 (Expired)
Course overview
The course focuses on the current reception policy and on the legal framework, both national and regional, linked to the theme of immigration.
Subject area
Sociology, Economics, Law
Number of participants
5 days
Additional information

Key themes and outcomes of the course:

  • The frontiers of European immigration policies
  • UNHCR Global Trends and Global Compact on Refugees. International protection and integration paths
  • Territorial commissions and the right to asylum: stories, numbers, people
  • The administrative protection of the involuntary migrant
  • The reception system 4 years from the legislative decree 142/2015: the current situation and prospects
  • Forced migrations between smuggling and trafficking
  • The registration of asylum seekers
  • The regional framework
  • Planning for the new types of permits of stay
  • Unequal treatment, institutional discrimination, jurisprudence
  • Social measures and accessibility
  • Humanitarian emergencies, aid "in practice"
Academic director
Francesca Curi
Place of teaching
Department of Legal Sciences, Via Oberdan 1, Ravenna

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