Student Guide

A quick guide to Degree Programmes and Teaching Activities which provides useful information on the services and opportunities offered by the University.
The University of Bologna was probably the first University in the western world. Its history is one of great thinkers in science and the humanities, making it an indispensable point of reference in the panorama of European culture.
The University of Bologna has adopted a Multicampus structure in order to permit the diffusion of educational offering and the activation of a stabile research activity on the premises with the intent to better the functionality and quality of university community life. There is also University of Bologna Campus in Buenos Aires which offers interdisciplinary study programmes on the different subjects.
Services for students
Studing at the University of Bologna offers many services and opportunities, from medical assistance to study rooms, from accommodation to scholarships, aid and benefits and ever more. Everything you need to live at the best at the University.
Living the city
Alma Mater Studiorum presents to all the students useful links to live the city at its best.