How to obtain a refund for non-due fees

Information on how to obtain a refund for any fees that were paid twice or were not due.

When you can request a refund

Specialising students may obtain a partial or total refund of any fees paid in the following cases:

  • If they have paid twice;
  • If they have paid more than was due;
  • If they have paid a fine that was not due.

How to request a refund

The refund is approved by the Medical Specialisation School Administration office, at the request of the specialising student.

For more details, send an e-mail to one of the following addresses: (the e-mail account receives messages only from other certified e-mail accounts. E-mails sent from non-certified addresses will not be delivered.)

When you will receive the refund

The refund is paid by the University Accounting Service within 60 days from the date of issue of the order by the Medical Specialisation School Administration Office. Specialist students are notified of the refund solely by e-mail sent to their institutional address (i.e.
Notifications are no longer sent by ordinary post. Make sure that the payment is received as soon as possible, and in any case within the year the refund was approved.


How to receive the refund

The refund must be received directly by the specialising student (and nobody else) at any branch of the Unicredit group (Unicredit Banca, Unicredit Banca di Roma, Banco di Sicilia), anywhere in the country, by presenting a copy of a valid ID document and your tax ID.
Note: from 6 March 2012, pursuant to Italian Law no. 214/2011, the payment of amounts above 1,000.00 EUR can only be paid by bank or postal transfer, to an account in the name of the specialising student, or to a prepaid top up card with an IBAN code.


Special cases

In the event of the refund of the first instalment of the fees, the refund shall not include the stamp duty and regional tax.
For information on the refund methods, consult the ER-GO website.
The duty stamp (€16.00) is not refundable.